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Interesting facts about Banksy [Banksy Quiz]

Anonymity [Banksy Quiz]

Banksy Quiz

The second and perhaps most famous fact about Banksy is that he is an incognito artist. It is not proven that someone is hiding under a monkey mask and a black hoodie, although there are many versions about it (one of them says that it is Robert Del Nye from Massive Attack, and another says that it is a group of different artists). “People think the anonymity is a marketing move by Banksy. It really is, but it wasn’t done on purpose.

On his part, the anonymity is more self-preservation than advertising,” says Steve Lazarides. He worked with Banksy for 11 years and was Banksy’s agent for 11 years. With an agent in Banksy’s case, it’s a necessity. For the most part, it is through the artist that the artist comes into contact with the world around him. By removing the mask of obscurity, his work would cease to be “the voice of the common people” and become a solitary picket. His speech should not distract from his words. “If you want to talk to people and you need to hear them, wear a mask,” Banksy says.

Hometown of Banksy [Banksy Quiz]

Banksy Quiz

Banksy is believed to be a native of Bristol. Approximately 10 graffiti of the famous artist have been found in different areas of this English city: the earliest of them dates back to the early 90s. The London Tourism Service says: “Today his work sells for tens of millions of dollars, but before he was just a kid with a can of paint,” says the tourist portal and suggests that everyone should go on Banksy Walking Tour to see the “Grim Reaper,” the restored “Masked Gorilla” and the famous lover of the sexual health clinic.

Dismaland [Banksy Quiz]

Banksy Quiz

As you know, the Dismaland theme park, which opened in the British town of Weston-super-Mare from August 21 to September 27, 2015, was Banksy’s most ambitious art project. In fact, its construction was concealed under the guise of filming a thriller with the working title “The Grey Fox.” In creating the park, Banksy created 10 new works and selected 58 other works by some of today’s most gifted artists, from Jenny Holzer to Damien Hirst (there is a theory that he selected 60), but two refused to participate. Holly Cushing, Banksy’s manager, helped erect the park and work on Banksy’s site.

The legendary Cinderella, who crashed in a carriage with Queen Diana and refugees from Africa, jumped out of toilets at the order of the trainer. “The Worst Park in the World” was a satire on the entertainment industry and showed a world of broken dreams of the real world of Disneyland. According to The New York Times, admission to the exhibit was paid and brought in an estimated $30 million to the region’s economy.

Walled off Hotel [Banksy Quiz]

Walled off Hotel

Another large-scale work of Banksy’s is known: the opening of the boutique Walled off Hotel in Bethlehem with “the worst view in the world,” its windows overlooking the Israeli Separation Barrier. The hotel room has only 25 minutes of direct sunlight a day, and a sign near the shower room says that the local population suffers from a lack of water.

Several artists, including Dominique Petrin and Sami Musa, were involved in the decoration of the hotel. All of their works focus on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict (and British intervention). According to Professor Gavin Grindon, for those not in the know, there is a museum at the hotel (curated by Professor Gavin Grindon) and only Palestinian artists are exhibited in the local gallery.