British Artist Recreates Miniature Stonehenge Sculpture Using Kidney Stones

A British artist has recreated a miniature sculpture of Stonehenge using stones from his own kidneys, which he extracted over several years with the help of doctors. This is reported by NDTV.

Simon Le Boggit (Simon Le Boggit) unveiled his unique interpretation of England’s historic landmark at the exhibition, organised by the charity Outside In.

The artist said that the idea to create a micro-sculpture from his own kidney stones came to him during a medical procedure he has been undergoing for several years. He said his work was intended as “a monument to the dedication, diligence and human understanding of the caring staff of the National Health Service (NHS)”.

It was previously reported that 52-year-old Filipino artist Elito Circa began painting with blood, sparking a public outcry. He grew up in a poor family and couldn’t afford to buy paint. “Every time I scratched, I used my blood to paint because it was hard to clean,” the artist said.