Cartridges decoration

Since antiquity, man has sought to decorate the space around him, remaking it according to his needs and artistic tastes. Today, this quality is embodied in the decoration of various household items, including caskets. An ordinary thing becomes unique, original, and acquires individual appeal. It pleases the eye and can be a good gift for those who appreciate its beauty and efforts of the master who created it.

Types of decoration techniques

The basic material for caskets is usually wood. To get a quality end product, you need to pay close attention to the initial stage of work and properly prepare the material for further decoration. First, you need to carefully sand the surface and cover it with acrylic primer or Levkas primer for cardboard under the wood. After priming it is recommended to sand the part once again. You can repeat this process several times for perfect smoothness. After that you can go directly to the decor – the choice of method depends only on your desire and direction of creative thinking.

This is an interesting decoupage technique that will help you turn any box into a work of art. This method has been known to mankind since the Middle Ages and for centuries was very popular in Europe. Today, masters are also passionate about decoupage, the importance of which is to decorate the product by transferring special images.

If you are interested in creating relief surfaces, you should pay attention to such materials as acrylic paste with embossing, modeling gels or crystal paste. You can use them to create various unusual textures and effects. In addition, all these materials accept small decorative elements such as: stones, shells, coins, beads, etc. –Ē.

The box can be decorated using various paintings, from traditional folk (Khokhloma, Mezen, Gorodets, etc.) to point to poiint. In the first case, it is good to use waterproof tempera paints on an acrylic base, and in the second case – acrylic contours. As a pattern can be used as existing ethnic ornaments, as well as any drawings stylized to the desired technique.


The most popular method of jewelry box – scrapbooking. Using a variety of elements: fabric, paper, ribbons, beads, threads – you can transform the surface of an object. The box, in addition to the original appearance, gets the relief, texture and texture. Before you start, you should make a sketch on paper so that you know what the finished product will look like.

First of all, you should prepare the surface: clean it from dirt, dust and grease stains. Then, depending on the idea, you can close it with a cloth or paper, which will give the box a certain color or texture. Having an artistic taste and personal preferences, you should gradually add decorative elements. With decoupage glue, they can be attached to the surface of the box.


The technique of quilling requires perseverance and patience from a person, for which in the end will be rewarded with a beautiful box. It will require strips of paper with a width of 5-6 mm. They can be colored or white, made by yourself or bought already in the finished form. A special quilling needle will help to roll up the paper strips neatly and accurately. You should also take care of glue, preferably transparent, so that after drying it was not visible, grab the paper quickly enough. The essence of quilling is to create from the strips of paper relief, the pattern of which depends only on the imagination of the artist. To decorate the surface of the box, glue it with paper that the adhesive had a good grip and firmly fixed the strip.