Colorful Drawing Ideas [21 Simple Great Pictures]

Do you like colorful drawings too? Then this fresh selection of colorful drawing ideas is for you. Only juicy ideas!

Get these Colorful ideas for drawing in 2023!

How do you learn to draw colorful pictures? It’s pretty easy. You can draw any object with a black marker or pencil. Simple outlines will be enough. Then choose from your set of markers or paints the colors that contrast as much as possible (Hint: colors of the rainbow). Color the drawing observing the smooth transitions, gradient, between the colors. Try to keep a sequence of rainbow colors. Believe me, this simple rule will make your drawing a colorful masterpiece!

1. Colorful Drawing Ideas: Spongebob Rainbow Combo Color

Author: loesdoodle

Why not use some of these creative drawing ideas for kids for your next art project? We have a collection of drawings and cartoons that can be used as a basis for your art activities. You can use them as a model or as a theme.

2. Colorful Drawing Ideas: Bright Flowers on a White Smartphone Case

Colorful Drawing Ideas
Author: loesdoodle

3. Colorful Drawing Ideas: Bright Colors on Dollars

4. Colorful Drawing Ideas: Hot Nihon Nlight

Colorful Drawing Ideas-4
Author: grandpanda81

5. Colorful Drawing Ideas: Family of Love Birds

Colorful Drawing Ideas-5
Author: shellygreenit

6. Colorful Drawing Ideas: A Bright Sunset

Colorful Drawing Ideas-6
Author: b._zsani

7. Abstraction

Colorful Drawing Ideas-7
Author: mati_drawings

8. Girl in Gradient

Colorful Drawing Ideas-8
By @itsshadoow

9. Lots of Colorful Vegetation

Colorful Drawing Ideas-9
By @green_art_flowers

10. Pony

Colorful Drawing Ideas-10
By @gaelle_salesse

There are also a few fairytales. Whenever you mention that you cannot draw something, draw a unicorn or something magical. Don’t listen to what other people are saying about your parents or anyone else; don’t look down on these people. You may need to draw. You should begin by drawing simple pictures that will build your skills.

11. A very Bright Monster

Colorful Drawing Ideas-11
By @emszalk

You might also want to have a look at these other drawing ideas for kids. Draw a simple face with eyes, nose and mouth A face is one of the simplest things to draw. Kids can start with the eyes and nose. Once you have the basic shape of the face, you can start adding details.

12. Rainbow Braid of Hair

Colorful Drawing Ideas-12
By drawornothing

In fact, drawing is much more than just a pretty picture. It’s no accident. Artists “see” the world in their own way. Don’t think that drawing is a waste of time. The more you draw, the more plastic your brain becomes. With visualization you will make the right decisions faster, and with visualization you can anticipate any situation.

13. Gradient Colored Background and Black Outlines of Flowers and Butterflies Zentangle

Colorful Drawing Ideas-13

Zentangle is a painting technique from art therapy, where a picture consists of repeating patterns or lines. This kind of drawing is considered meditative. First, the patterns should be sketched with a hard pencil, and then drawn with a 0.05 to 0.1 cm thick ruler. There are many diagrams for drawing in the zentangle technique here.

In the process of drawing, neurons get a chance to “cut through” new pathways, creating neural connections. If you want to be sane at any age, pick up a pencil and start drawing simple patterns on paper. In the early stages, when you are just starting to draw, pictures will help you do this. You are sure to succeed!

14. A Butterfly With Very Bright Wings

Colorful Drawing Ideas-14
By abstract_mart

This is just a fantasy paradise! Help your child draw the silhouette of a butterfly, as well as the patterns on the wings, trust their imagination. If you are not a child, but with butterflies somehow did not work out, then you should try to draw wings of unusual shapes using triangles.
In order to quickly pass a boring couple or just to spend time with benefit, give a butterfly the most beautiful and original drawing on the wings!

15. Still Life

Colorful Drawing Ideas-15
By @jagoda_k_blueberry

16. Mandala

Colorful Drawing Ideas-16
By agostina_art

17. Rainbow Zebra

Colorful Drawing Ideas-17
By i.am_horizon

You shouldn’t do any painting if you’re not quite good at it yet, but you want to contribute to your home decor. Try making such a canvas with zebra stripes.

18. Singing Balls

Colorful Drawing Ideas-18
By nino.inkdrawings

19. Lollipop

Colorful Drawing Ideas-19
By talented_artists_support

20. Seasons in the Forest

Colorful Drawing Ideas-20
By _sketch.gallery_._

21. Tall and Bright Trees

Colorful Drawing Ideas-21
By _sketch.gallery_._