Art from Folover: Dipped in blood

art Dipped in blood

Yomibas, is a painter best known for his hyper-realistic style. Born in Kaduna State, Nigeria, in 1995, his early work is a compilation of random photographs that depict his expressions of his experiences and observations. He developed an early interest in portraiture, exploring the power of the medium with the aim of connecting his viewers to his subjects. Art, he believes, is an important communicator of power, and has been used that way for centuries, depicting the aspirations of the state in contrast to the lives of the people.

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The artist is the first to sense changes and shifts in societies consciousness and behavior, he believes, and he thereby uses his work as a platform to prepare and inspire the viewer for the future. Yomibas is a leading Nigerian Artist of his generation, whose visual commentary has been of great influence and value to his generation. In preparation for his paintings, Yomi takes multiple photographs of his subjects for reference, choosing those that most closely represent his topic of interest, from which he creates his distinctive oil paintings. ‎Works by Yomibas can be found in a myriad of public and private art collections, both in Nigeria and abroad and have been shown in exhibitions worldwide.

Dipped in blood Art

Yomibas, lives and works both in Nigeria and other transitional studio spaces, believing in the value of living where he works. ‎Recent group exhibitions featuring his work have been at the Harlem Week Festival, New York, Korea and the Spanish Embassy. ‎ He is presently creating a body of work that aims to focus on his visions, obsessions and fleeting experiences. Through the extended lens his art is expressed, so that others may contemplate what he felt in a moment of time.

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