How to apply crackle correctly


Surely many of you would like to build into the interior of your home some expensive, old, antique, thing. But it is no secret that such collectibles are unimaginably expensive. Fortunately, in the arsenal of artists, there is a secret method for a quick zastarivaniya art objects and his name is craquelure.

Crackleur is a crack of the paint or varnish layer in a painting or any other varnish-and-paint covering.
Crackleur can be applied as on household items (a table, chair, wooden railings, etc.), and on decorative elements (vases, paintings, frames, etc.).

There are two types of cracks. One-step and two-step. The first method is the easiest and mostly suitable for decorating monochrome surfaces. When you need the cracked paint effect, use the one-step method. The second method is used to create a cracked effect on the image. If you need to save the picture and decorate it with cracks, use the two-step method.

Making a one-step crackle:

On the object to be decorated, we apply the layer of paint you want, the layer that will protrude under the cracks. After drying, cover with paintwork varnish (available at any art store). Let the varnish dry for about 30 minutes and then, accurately, with one stroke, in one direction, we coat the second coat with paint: cracks appear immediately. For obvious cracks, it is better to use contrasting types of paint.


For this type of cracking, it is best to use special kits for the two-step method. The kit includes two jars.

Coat the object to be decorated with a layer of varnish from the first can. Let it dry until transparent. Then cover with varnish from jar number 2. Let it dry for at least 4 hours, but better for 12 or 24 hours.

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Barely visible cracks will appear. You can use metallic powder, oil paints or dry pastels to highlight them. I prefer powder. Rub in with your finger or a cotton pad.

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That’s it. Nothing complicated! Good luck with your creative experiments. If it’s not too much trouble, please thank me by liking it. Thank you.