Methods to Draw Hearth [7 Very Easy Steps]

And if you wish to study how to attract fireplace step-by-step, I will likely be blissful to share my expertise with you. Hearth will not be troublesome to attract, so you are able to do it. So, let’s begin drawing fireplace step-by-step.

If you wish to discover ways to draw Hearth in 2023, that is the information for you!

Methods to Draw Hearth step-by-step

how to draw fire step 7

How to Draw Fire

Total Time: 10 minutes

Step 1

how to draw fire step 1

As you can see, the first step in drawing fires is to create an image of your own in the editor. If you want to draw in SAI, I will show you how to draw with a paper. In the new document, when creating a new document, draw the top of the fire outline. 

Step 2 [How to Draw Fire]

how to draw fire step 2

Now the tongues of fire are drawn, now drawing the base. For example, try to make them different heights. The complete form of the fire should look like an drop, and in the full shape it should look more like a drop.

Step 3

how to draw fire step 3

At the same time, you can draw this part as a semicircle. The shape itself should look like an open bowl.

Step 4

how to draw fire step 4

Today, the shape is ready, and it can be painted. A red-orange color is chosen by me and I completely paint the base of the fire.

Step 5

how to draw fire step 5

Now you can start to draw the flame step-by-step. Since the base is darker than the base, I take a color that is light and brighter than it, so from middle of the bottom I draw lines to the corners of the tongues of fire.

Step 6

how to draw fire step 6

Once again, you need to take a bright yellow color and draw the same line, just slightly shorter.

Step 7

how to draw fire step 7

Through this way, we progress from bright orange to white and yellow.u003cbru003eAs shown in the fire drawing below, the base is now made, and we can add bright spots around the sides of yellow stripes. The form of yellow stripes was also shown in this fire diagram.


  • Red, orange and yellow pencils


  • Drawing paper

Materials: Eraser

The Hearth Is Prepared! Our fireplace is prepared. If you wish to add a match or fireplace, then you need to use sparks and matches. Hope you discovered the lesson useful and discovered how to attract fireplace step by Step.