Learn how to Draw Huggy Wuggy [9 Easy Steps]

At the moment we’re going to be taught how to attract Huggy Wuggy from Poppy playtime, so let’s begin drawing this very cool character.

If you wish to discover ways to draw a Huggy Wuggy in 2023, that is the information for you!

How to draw Huggy Wuggy

How to draw Huggy Wuggy step by step

Total Time: 15 minutes

Step 1 – How to Draw Huggy Wuggy

How to draw Huggy Wuggy

First time we’re going to draw eyes, so I’m going to come over here and draw a big circle and next to it, about here, draw another circle, now I have circles, I’ll just come in here and do one glare here at the top and shade everything else, and the same thing here.

Step 2 – How to Draw Huggy Wuggy

How to draw Huggy Wuggy

Now that we have the eyes, let’s go in between them and draw a curve – this will be the beginning of the mouth.

Step 3 – How to Draw Huggy Wuggy

How to draw Huggy Wuggy

I’ll just draw a curve right here, and then I’ll go all the way under the eyes, and then I’ll go up right here and go curve down to get a big wide mouth, same thing right here, just go under the eyes curve, and then we’ll just go all the way to the other side and round it out from there.

Step 4 – How to Draw Huggy Wuggy

How to draw Huggy Wuggy

Let’s go on and connect that down with a big curve, go to the center right here and then go back right there to get a nice big mouth. Then from there let’s go back to the center and thicken it, so I just follow the top. Same here and then right here I go in and follow the bottom curve, it’s still nice, we haven’t made it creepy yet. We haven’t made it creepy yet, then let’s add these amazing teeth that make it creepy. So we’re going to come in about here, I’m just going to start with these two center fangs and then add one here, and so you can add as many as you want, just come in here.u003cbru003eSo notice how I draw on this side, I curve this side and on this side I curve this side and then for the bottom let’s go ahead and add as much as you can, whatever space you have, it can be different lengths, it really doesn’t matter, it’s a huge mouth with teeth. So we have these fangs.

Step 5 – How to Draw Huggy Wuggy

How to draw Huggy Wuggy

We’re going to start drawing the head so I’m going to go back to my center I’m going to go nice and high let’s say about right here I’m just going to give myself a point and from there I’m just going to start zigzagging, same here, just zigzagging and then come back here and judge the curve, so it continues, so we come right back here and zigzag too, and it’s very fuzzy here too, so we’re just creating this angular shape, so as we do that, let’s come back here and I’m going to start connecting, so just zigzagging a little bit right here and going back and connecting, same here, going up like the other side, zigzagging and connecting there.u003cbru003eOkay now i’ll just draw a small curve right here over each eye not too creepy right still pretty cute.

Step 6 – How to Draw Huggy Wuggy

How to draw Huggy Wuggy

Okay, now to draw a very long slender body, I’m going to come up about here and draw a curve down for these sloping shoulders and then about right in this area I’m going to put myself two points to start my arms and I’m going to go down these very long arms, so let’s get this down more, and before I finish my arms I want to come back here and say about right here, right in the middle, I’ll just make a little curve, so this is where Where I know my body will be and I’ll curve it a little bit and then I can go forward and here’s where the legs will start, I’m just giving myself an idea of where what will be, so let’s come back here and finish the arms, so let’s get these arms down very low, so say about right here, I’ll stop at the curve and just thicken these arms, so when I come to the bottom I’ll make a little zigzag just to make it look like fur and connect them, so the same thing here.

Step 7 – How to Draw Huggy Wuggy

How to draw Huggy Wuggy

Now the hands. Let’s draw the arms, right here bring these long fingers out and simplify them by making them longer at the bottom right here and joining, same here, thumb curved and pulled up, now we can start the legs, let’s go down, we’re going to bring them out at an angle on both sides, so let’s go down and bring this right here and bring it out the other side. both sides, so let’s get this down and bring it right here and out the other side, and I’m not going to make these legs too long because we want the arms to look really long, so say about right here, I’m going to start zigzagging a little bit just like the arms, and zigzag my way through just like here.

Step 8 – How to Draw Huggy Wuggy

How to draw Huggy Wuggy

And then at the bottom we just simplify draw a curve for the legs curve and we just go ahead and connect the nice and simple curve pop out and connect.

Step 9 – How to Draw Huggy Wuggy

How to draw Huggy Wuggy

Now the final touch is to add the bow right so let’s come right to the center and draw the curve and then loop one big loop floppy bow I’m going to come here and thicken it and the tail and one more.


  • White paper, pencils, marker


  • White paper, pencils, marker

Materials: White paper, pencils, marker

Right here comes the drawing of Huggy Wuggy from Poppy Playtime. All that is left is to paint it. When you preferred the lesson, please share it with your mates on social networks.

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