Priceless artifacts discovered on a Spanish shipwreck within the Bahamas that sunk over 350 years in the past


A brand new expedition has uncovered priceless artifacts from a shipwreck within the Bahamas greater than 350 years in the past. The brand new native museum will show artifacts, gem-encrusted pendants and gold chains.

The cruiser Our Girl of Heaven sank with cargoes of gold, silver and treasured stones on the west facet of Little Bahama Financial institution in 1656. A Spanish galleon was a part of the flotilla sure for Spain from Havana with royal and personal treasures from the Americas. There have been a complete of about 500 passengers aboard, of whom solely 45 survived. Bahamian and American maritime archaeologists and divers have found scattered on the ocean ground a gold chain with a rose sample that will have been made for both rich aristocrats or royalty; an Indian bezoar formed like a scallop, prized in Europe for its medicinal properties and an emblem of vacationers who made a non secular pilgrimage. Findings associated to the military-religious Order of Santiago, which protected pilgrims on their voyages and took part within the maritime commerce of Spain.

The Bahamas Maritime Museum will show the finds, which can stay the property of the Bahamas authorities.