Scientists Find Out How Sweets Affect Creativity

According to the Daily Mail, scientists conducted seven experiments and found that the taste of various sweet foods increases creativity. The publication Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes reports this. It has nothing to do with sugar.
It’s because the positive associations were formed in the course of evolution and were derived from personal experience. For example, people like to eat sweets with their loved ones and on holidays. This kind of food flavor helps you feel safe, use an exploratory approach and better understand new ideas.
There are also limitations. Based on the analysis, we can conclude that the effect of increased creativity from sweets will not be present when performing analytical tasks. In this case, the focus must be more rigorous.
Despite the fact that it is a matter of taste and quality of the product, scientists do not recommend consuming more sweets to increase creativity. Therefore, its excessive consumption can lead to negative health consequences.
She also noted that creativity increases even when just imagining the taste of a sweet.