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"The Problem of the Horse" by Claudia Fontes.

At the 57th International Art Biennale in Venice, Argentina's pavilion, where the sculptural installation "Problem Horse" was on display, was a sensation.

The large-scale group composition depicts the fragile figure of a girl gently and fearlessly touching the head of a giant horse, in a frozen moment of rapid movement.
Claudia Fontes cites several sources of inspiration that shaped the stunning three-dimensional image, which looks like a white-white vision.

First is the context of the building where the sculptural installation was placed. The building is the former Venetian Arsenal, built for the needs of Laguna's powerful navy.

Secondly, the sculptural composition refers to the historical realities of the nineteenth century, around which Argentina's cultural identity is built. Specifically, Fontes referred to Argentine painter Angel Della Valle's painting The Return of the Indian Raid.
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René Magritte (November 21, 1898 - August 15, 1967) was a Belgian artist, famous for his surrealist paintings full of mystery. 

Magritte was born and lived most of his life in Belgium, leading a simple and quiet life. When the future artist was 13 years old, his mother committed suicide, which most likely had an impact on his art. 

He did not explain the meanings of his paintings, which are still subject to careful research and parsing.

Beginning in 1926, René painted surrealist canvases, each of which has some hidden meaning. A frequent hero of his paintings is the man in the bowler hat (Magritte himself is thought to be the prototype), often depicted without a face. The artist called the style in which he painted "magical realism.
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