15 Original Patchwork Ideas

Пэчворк идеи для вдохновения

We have selected 15 original patchworks for your inspiration

If you have a lot of small pieces of fabric at home and have a desire to turn them into something useful, this article is for you. Patchwork can be made into many wonderful things that will complement your wardrobe or decorate your home. Everything will depend on your imagination … Charming covers for the backs of chairs, pillows, all kinds of dresses, bags and much more.

Get inspired!

Flower pot decoration.

Горшок для цветка пэчворк

Multicolored clutch.

Клатч пэчворк

Chair upholstery.

Стул пэчворк

How about without a pillow 😉

Британский флаг пэчворк

Patchwork bedroom decor.

Кровать пэчворк

Another pillow.

Подушки пэчворк

Honeycomb patchwork for decoration.

Украшения на стену пэчворк

We decorate the bedroom again.

Украшение кровати пэчворк

Summer dress.

Платье пэчворк

Pillow in the shape of a heart.

Сердце пэчворк

Bright patchwork mosaic.

Коврик на стол пэчворк

Kettle stand.

Коврик для чайника пэчворк

Upholstery for upholstered furniture.

Покрывало для кровати пэчворк

Patchwork rug.

Коврик пэчворк

Patchwork pillows.

Подушки пэчворк

Patchwork bag.

Сумка пэчворк