5 Cool Coloring Book Skull on Day of the Dead

This coloring book Skull is inspired by the Mexican holiday Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). This two-day holiday can be spent with this Dia de Los Muertos coloring book for kids.

You can color online this free version full of sugar skulls that kids and you will love. Let them be creative with their coloring books to join in the celebration and fun.

Flowers (Coloring Book Skull)

It’s no secret that kids love Halloween. Everything to do with the holidays, having fun, making and decorating all kinds of things. In addition to being free, these online coloring books also cater to a wide range of ages and are great for enhancing creativity.

coloring book skull

Smile (Coloring Book Skull)

Coloring books for children are one of the most enjoyable parts of their lives. They allow children to develop fine motor skills, interact with them about the holiday and even talk about it. It is looked upon as Halloween here and is even sometimes celebrated as a holiday, but in other countries it is celebrated differently.

coloring book skull

Lianas (Coloring Book Skull)

Color and distribute to family and friends. Since this online coloring set contains many pages of black and white skulls, kids can have fun coloring them and handing them out as works of art! The brighter the colors, the better!

Take it with you on your travels! Don’t forget that in a child’s eyes, car trips are the WORST trips! If you need to keep your child occupied, just open one of our coloring books to them. Hours will fly by while the kids create beautiful pictures.

coloring book skull

Masquerade (Coloring Book Skull)

Use them as homemade Halloween decorations.
Each of these coloring pages can be printed out and used as a fun Halloween decoration! It’s really easy. Just take it and hang it up for all to see. The calavera is always bright and unusual, with bright accessories and may even be decorated with rhinestones and glowing stones. Such a bright image of the skull is associated with the souls of deceased relatives, and in honor of their souls are built and decorated altars with sweets, food and drinks in the form of a sugar skull. And touch the colorful Mexican culture and paint the famous death symbol below.

coloring book skull

Hat (Coloring Book Skull)

The skull coloring set, which includes images of the skeleton of the head, is unusual. The set includes several sections of varying thickness and size. The natural helmet protects the main human organ – the brain – from external influences. According to safety rules, in some professions it is mandatory to have a helmet and headgear, which reduces the risk of sunstroke. This bone was part of an ancient symbol of otherworldly forces and dangerous groups. It is also often used to refer to harmful substances. Because of such a scary reputation, coloring with natural and stylized skulls will be of interest to children of the older age group.

coloring book skull