How to Draw Fireworks [6 Great Techniques for Kids]

In this article you will learn how to draw fireworks, get acquainted with the different techniques of drawing fireworks and their variety. This material is prepared primarily for kids.

How to Draw Fireworks

Objectives of this post:

  • Introduce a variety of images of fireworks;
  • develop the creative abilities of preschool children, artistic taste, sense of composition;
  • to develop fine motor skills of hands;
  • to form in kids steady interest to graphic activity;
  • to bring up neatness.

How to draw beautiful fireworks

Total Time: 15 minutes

First technique [How to Draw Fireworks]

How to Draw Fireworks

When it comes to depicting fireworks, a very popular way is to combine wax crayons and watercolors. First, all objects are drawn on a sheet of paper with a wax pencil (this can be not only the fireworks themselves, but also a cityscape), and then the base is evenly covered with paint. Since the two materials do not mix, watercolor covers only the unpainted areas, forming a beautiful background.
Similarly, gouache can be combined with wax crayons, for example, to originally convey with its help the image of the sky in the form of broad multicolored stripes.

Second technique [How to Draw Fireworks]

How to Draw Fireworks

The fireworks can be rendered in an interesting way by poking with a stiff semi-dry brush.
First, thin lines are drawn with gouache on a dark color base, and then a stiff brush is used to indicate the fireworks.
At the same time, the child should be reminded that the brush should be held vertically on the paper and the hair should be flattened against it. The result will be a big “fluffy” dot.

Third technique [How to Draw Fireworks]

How to Draw Fireworks

The image of the fireworks can also be conveyed with an ordinary fork. You put gouache paint on it and then make an impression on the paper. The image will be interesting if several colors are combined.

Fourth Technique [How to Draw Fireworks]

How to Draw Fireworks

A similar effect is obtained by using the stamping technique. As a tool, you can use a homemade cardboard sleeve (you can take an insoluble sleeve from toilet paper) or a plastic tube: one end is cut into many pieces, which are then bent to the sides. The resulting stamp is simply dipped into a saucer with paint Рand you can draw. The image will be especially spectacular if several such stamps of different sizes are imprinted at the same time.

Fifth Technique [How to Draw Fireworks]

How to Draw Fireworks

Fireworks are ideal objects for grattage technique, because the volleys sparkle, as a rule, against the dark evening sky. Cardboard or heavy paper is painted with wax crayons of different colors (in spots or stripes). After that, it is advisable to additionally rub the base with a candle. The next step is to cover the paper with black gouache (to paint it more evenly, you can add a little liquid soap to it). When the base is completely dry, you can begin to create a scratch drawing with any pointed object (claystick, toothpick, etc.). The fireworks will turn out very spectacular.

Sixth Technique [How to Draw Fireworks]

How to Draw Fireworks

The next way to draw fireworks with PVA glue and salt
This is already a variant for older preschoolers, as the work requires accuracy and assiduity:
On a sheet of cardboard of black or some other dark color, paint salutes with PVA glue.
Drawing with glue should be neat, leaving a thin trace on the base
until the glue has had time to dry, you need to sprinkle the image with salt, and shake off the rest.
Now you need to apply drops of watercolor paint on the salt. To do this, use a thin brush or an eyedropper. The colored droplets will merge and spread over the drawing, forming interesting shades. In addition, such an image will be three-dimensional.


  • White or black paper


  • Pencils, crayons, paints

Materials: Pencils, crayons, paints