How to Make Beads (Easy lesson 1: Bee Beads and Butterfly Beads)

How to Make Beads

Today we will learn step by step how to make beads and butterfly beads.

The basics of beading we covered in this article.

If you want to take up beading in 2023, this guide is for you!

How to Make Beads (Bee)

Beading: bee beads, butterfly beads and mouse beads

Tools and materials: black beads, orange beads, gold beads, wire, light yellow nail polish.

image 39
  1. String three black beads. In the last two, cross the wire. The made element will have the shape of a triangle.
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2. Pick up two black beads, put them under a row of two beads. Thread the other end of the wire through the beads you just picked up in the opposite direction. From the side, you will have an element that looks like the one in the picture.

image 40

3. Next make a bee beads according to the scheme. Don’t forget that only the top side is shown here.

image 41

4. Now make the top row of the torso of two beads. Put 1 gold bead on the left end of the wire, place it about 1 cm away from the body of the bee beads, and twist the wire. This is the left leg. Right do the same. Make the bottom row of the bee beads with 2 black beads.

image 42

5. The rest of the bee beads is done according to the scheme.

All paws and wings are made in the upper part of the torso. In the torso between the rows of four orange beads to make wings and feet. The row of one bead has no pair. After you complete it, make the bottom row of the head with two black beads and then the top row of the head. Thread 1 gold bead on each end of the wire. Twist the wires. Cut off the rest.

Wings of the bee beads can be done as follows: several times a brush with nail polish on the wire loops, until a thin film forms. When the varnish dries, the bee beads can be pinned to the curtain or on the panel.

How to Make Beads (Butterfly)

Beading. lesson 1: bee beads and butterfly beads

Tools and materials: beads #11 in different colors (white, green, dark green, green with metallic luster), black beads #8, wire.


  1. Fold a piece of wire about 15 cm long in half. String 1 bead and place it in the bend of the wire.
  2. Connect both ends of the wire and thread 5 beads onto them.
  3. Then put 1 bead on the left end of the wire and 3 beads on the right end.
  4. With the left end of the wire, pass in the opposite direction through the last 2 beads at the right end of the wire.
  5. String 1 bead on one end of the wire, with the other end of the wire go towards it through the same bead. Then proceed according to the scheme
image 43

6. After you have made the head of the butterfly beads, twist the wire several times near the head bead. Leave a length of wire for the antennae that you like, cut the rest. Near the end of the tendril put a bead and go through it again with the same end of the wire. In the same way do the second tendril.

7. It remains beautifully twist the wire around the beads on the antennae of the butterfly beads – and the body is DONE.

Big Wing

image 44
  1. Cut 70 cm of wire and fold it in half. On one end, thread 5 beads (3 green, 2 white), on the other 7 (3 green, 1 white, 1 dark green, 1 white and, if desired, 1 with a metallic shine of light green). Close the element by passing the first end of the wire through the last 7 beads. Tighten the wire.
image 45

2. On one end of the wire, thread 9 beads (5 green, 1 white, 1 dark green, 1 white and 1 with metallic luster) and metallic luster) and place them close to the already woven element. With the other end of the wire, go through these beads in the opposite direction. Tighten the wire.

image 46

3. Then weave in a similar way to the scheme. Numbers indicate the number of beads in a row.

4. After you make a wing, one end of the wire through the eleventh row of torso, the second – through the tenth.

image 47

The counting goes from the tail. Now weave the second large wing in the scheme of the first, only in this case the work is done from the body from the bottom up, as in the diagram.

5. After the second wing is ready, the ends of the wire hide, passing through two or three rows of beads.

Little Wing

This element is performed according to the scheme. Since the lower wing is smaller than the upper wing, you need less wire – about 55 cm.

image 48
  1. After the first little wing is ready, pass one end of the wire through the seventh row of the body, and the other end – through the eighth.
  2. Do the second bottom wing in the same way as the first wing, only from the bottom up. When you are finished, hide the ends of the wire.