Coloring Book Cats [5 Cute Coloring Pages]

Golden collection of coloring book cats. Here you will find coloring home cute kittens and cats, wild cats, fairy tale characters cats and many other interesting images.

Cats are our favorite pets. These cute creatures have in their arsenal a whole set of tricks for winning people’s hearts. Even in ancient Egypt, cats were depicted on the walls of the pyramids as magical animals. We suggest that you and your child can attach your hand to the world artistic heritage of images of cats with our coloring books, collected from around the world. With us you can print out the coloring cats for free! To do this, simply hover your mouse over the picture you like, and click on the printer icon. The picture will immediately be sent to the printer and it will open its dialog box for you.

Coloring Book Cats 1

Absolutely all cats and cats are divided into groups according to their coloring. Knowing a little tricks you can create a very real picture from the usual coloring of kittens.

The smoky coloring is most effective when it depicts the tips of the hair of a cat with a schematic image. After coloring in one color with paints, pick up pencils of whatever shade you like. A good option is brown and gray. To begin with it is necessary to draw gray or black hair of hair and only then to draw brown strokes. If you paint 1/8 of the whole length of the hair, you will get chinchilla coloring. Of course, only children as young as 6 years old can convey such accuracy.

Kitty with ears [Coloring Book Cats]

Coloring Book Cats 2

Colorpoint is one of the easiest ways to transfer coloring in any coloring with cats or kittens. The basic color choice is beige or white (because of the possibility of adding brown to the white paint), while the muzzle, tail, and paws of the cat are in darker shades. Here it is important to choose the color of the eyes: Siamese cats – blue, Burmese – yellow.

Coloring Book Cats having fun

Coloring Book Cats 3

Turtle coloring on cat coloring is conveyed by combining black with orange or blue with beige. Cats with tabby cat coloring have narrow stripes or small spots all over their bodies. Tiger colors are common among tabby cats.

Coloring Book Cats is licking

Coloring Book Cats 4

Despite the fact that cats are quite willful and sometimes harmful, on this page they are depicted as the sweetest creatures. Innocent look, neatly combed coat, as if on the ruler of the straightened whiskers and protruding ears – every cat in this section looks obedient and charming. And if it has a bow tied around its neck and a ball of fur in its paws, it’s a portrait of the perfect pet that you want to paint as neatly as possible.

Coloring Cute Kitties will cause a storm of excitement absolutely everyone who loves these purring creatures. Especially popular will be these images with girls, because they can not safely pass by a cat, regardless of its fluffiness, coloring and behavior.

A kitty jumped on the blinds [Coloring Book Cats]

Coloring Book Cats 5

By the way, scientists say that coloring cats is even better than drawing, helping the brain to relax. And in schools and even in kindergartens, children are now so stressed that they need relaxation.

Kids and adults are crazy about cats. When you snuggle into this fluffy little thing, it immediately feels so good. Therefore, coloring cats will certainly give your child a lot of pleasant moments, and also help to reveal artistic abilities.

Author of images for coloring: Katy Lipscomb