The way to Draw 2022 (High Simple Concepts)

Now I’ll let you know a easy and delightful means how to attract 2022. This drawing is made in type of 3D graffiti. It symbolizes sturdy bonds of affection within the 12 months 2022. As well as, I’ll present you some easier to do, however fascinating concepts on how to attract 2022.

The way to Draw 2022 Step-by-Step

How to Draw 2022

In this guide, 5 easy steps on how to draw 2022

Total Time: 10 minutes

Step 1 – How to Draw 2022

How to Draw 2022

First, let’s draw number two. I recommend outlining it with a simple pencil first. Draw usual thick two with a rounded beginning and a straight base. Then draw two smooth rounded lines – this will be part of heart. Pay attention to drawing, where and how lines come out. You should get as if the two clings its neck to the heart.

Step 2 – How to Draw 2022

How to Draw 2022

Now draw second number two. It should be just above first number. The shape is identical to the first. The most difficult part of this drawing is to draw the heart correctly. Two of him as if braided, like a snake. Draw right side of heart and connect it to first. That is all. The most difficult part of the drawing is ready. Draw around outline with a black marker and move on to step three.

Step 3 – How to Draw 2022

How to Draw 2022

In this step we start coloring. We need a red pencil or marker. If you use a pencil, you can get volume in picture. A marker will make the picture more lush and bright, but light transitions will be lost. The choice is yours!u003cbru003eCarefully paint over heart without touching the twos.

Step 4 – How to Draw 2022

How to Draw 2022

Add expression to figures using black pencil or charcoal. You need to carefully create a transition from the black outline to white area of numbers. It is better to do it with a pencil, as you can control level of pressure on lead and observe size of stroke. However, if you are using charcoal, you can just use your finger or sponge.

Step 5 – How to Draw 2022

How to Draw 2022

The final step is to do same steps as in step 4 on whole contour of the heart (outside and inside). The inside should be darker than outside – this will give volume to the composition.


  • Colored pencils, white paper, black marker


  • Colored pencils, white paper, black marker

The way to Draw 2022 High Concepts

Cookies 2022

How to Draw 2022

Draw this cute New Yr’s Eve 2022 story. The image is simple to do. And the consequence will delight any member of your loved ones, particularly kids. Nobody will probably be ready to withstand a cute cookie.

Very mild drawing 2022

How to Draw 2022 2 1

Cannot draw? Don’t be concerned! Even a baby can draw this 2022 inscription. Simply draw the numbers and colour in your favourite colours and remember so as to add highlights with white paint.

Worm 2022

How to Draw 2022 3 1

This 2022 inscription is completed in a cartoon type. The primary character is the king worm. He’s clearly not very joyful that he was compelled to faux to be the quantity two. On this composition, all the weather are straightforward to do, solely with the worm will it is advisable get inventive.

Eyeballs 2022

How to Draw 2022 4 1

Have a look at these eye-rolling numbers. You do not have to be an artist to attract them. Simply use coloured pencils to put in writing 2022 and add black eyes to every quantity.

With eyes and palms

How to Draw 2022 5 1

Take a thick coloured marker and repeat the sample. Then add skinny palms with a pencil and draw eyes with a black pen.

Lovely lettering for lazy artists

How to Draw 2022 6

Do you may have a sponge or a small sponge? Then this methodology is for you. Put some black paint or mascara on the sponge and write the quantity two with a fast motion of your hand. There is no such thing as a proper strategy to write – it is true creativity.