The way to Draw a Crown [9 Easy Steps]

At present on this lesson you’ll study how to attract a crown in 9 straightforward steps. This lesson will assist develop creativeness, summary considering, aesthetic style, and fantastic motor expertise. You possibly can draw the crown with the youngsters, displaying them how to attract a selected a part of the crown step-by-step. Such a pastime will probably be not solely fruitful, however can even convey you a variety of enjoyable.

If you wish to discover ways to do Crown artwork in 2023, that is the information for you!

The way to Draw a Crown Step by Step

how to draw a crown

The only crown is simple to attract. You’ll need an A4 sheet of paper, a easy pencil and an eraser in case some traces should be erased. To attract the crown appropriately, rapidly and fantastically collectively along with your youngster, observe the next step-by-step directions.

How to Draw a Crown

Total Time: 10 minutes

Step 1 [How to Draw a Crown]

how to draw a crown

As a first step, draw an horizontal line at the bottom of the sheet. It is this way that you can mark the base of your crown.

Step 2 [How to Draw a Crown]

how to draw a crown

Near this line, Circle a narrow oval around this line, so that the volume of the crown will get more volume and look more real. At this stage, the horizontal line can be erased.

Step 3 [How to Draw a Crown]

how to draw a crown

In the circle of the drawn oval, depict an other one, which will be slightly larger than the first one. You can mark the thickness of your crown with this.

Step 4 [How to Draw a Crown]

how to draw a crown

From the edges of large-oval, from the sides of the large square draw two upwards with an increased slightly slope in different directions.

Step 5 [How to Draw a Crown]

how to draw a crown

Drawing a curved horizontal line between the two previously drawn lines upwards, and then draw a straight vertical line. In this way, it will be the basis for patterns on the crown.

Step 6 [How to Draw a Crown]

how to draw a crown

In the top, draw another line exactly like that.

Step 7 [How to Draw a Crown]

how to draw a crown

In the next step, draw a top of the head of the crown with beautiful patterns. They need to be symmetrical about them. So you can draw an auxiliary vertical line in it, so you can draw an auxiliary vertical line in the middle and then erase it. In order to choose patterns, be guided by the ornament shown in the picture. For example, in fact, the crown is decorated with the same elements of different size. One only half of the pattern is depicted on the side, because that way it is possible to see the teeth of the crown in perspective.

Step 8 [How to Draw a Crown]

how to draw a crown

As in the last picture, complete the crown design with triangles and circles, as in the last picture.

Step 9 [How to Draw a Crown]

how to draw a crown

And now our crown is ready, the only thing left is to paint the picture.


  • Pencilsn


  • Drawing papern

Materials: Eraser

I recommend you to shade the top of the crown from under. This can give an excellent sense of perspective and permit for all components of the higher half to face out. Ultimately, the crown will be redrawn in several sizes or neatly reduce out of paper. Because of your success within the work, you possibly can attempt to discover ways to draw different extra sophisticated variations of the crown.

The way to paint a crown

Normally, crowns are made from gold, so your design will probably be predominantly in a gold coloration scheme. The colour of the crown can be utilized in several colours, for instance, to signify jewels and jewellery on the crown. You can too use totally different yellows as a technique to convey quantity of it and make the picture practical. The entrance of the crown must be gentle and the edges will be orange or brown, for instance. For instance, the entrance of the crown must be lighter than its entrance facet.

The next supplies must be used for coloring:

  • A drawing on skinny paper is as neat and exquisite that it may be. Coloured pencils assist make a design on skinny paper as neat and exquisite as attainable. It’s essential to work rigorously with them and paint the crown clearly on the shapes, not over the sides.
  • In watercolor or in gouache, you possibly can paint the crown. Something will be painted in any shade of coloration, and if one thing doesn’t prove properly, it is simple to repair. As well as, you ought to be cautious of working with coloration on heavy paper- skinny sheet can get moist and crumpled.
  • It’s value noting that the felt-tip pens are extra preferrred for drawn on cardboard or artwork paper. Nonetheless, it’s unlikely to combine colours with felt-tip pens, so they’re largely appropriate for easy drawings.

How to attract totally different crowns

On the earth, there isn’t a common technique to signify the crown – all of it relies upon by yourself inventive creativeness. It’s attainable to create a drawing that may comprise any sample in all its selection. A toddler will have the ability to draw on the cell, in order that the edges are in symmetrical. At first, complicated varieties of various sorts of crowns will probably be extra simpler for him to attract on the components, in order that the edges are appropriately organized. Within the close to future, stunning crowns will start to prove on white paper. Because of the necessity to discover new concepts in your personal drawings, you possibly can contemplate the next crowns and attempt to copy their ornaments.