How you can Draw a Horse (9 Simple Steps)


On this lesson, we’ll take you step-by-step via how to attract a horse. Drawing horses is sort of troublesome. A great way to get the proportions proper is to match the size of the animal’s head with the opposite components of the physique as you draw. By following the rules beneath and utilizing the horse drawn right here as a mannequin, it is possible for you to to create the right drawing.

If you wish to discover ways to draw Horse in 2023, that is the information for you!

How to Draw a Horse
  • The entire blue traces on this drawing are the identical size.
  • The determine exhibits how the completely different components of the horse’s physique relate to the size of its head.

9 Steps on How you can Draw a Horse for Newbies

Step 1

How to Draw a Horse
Do not press down laborious with the pencil.

Draw a circle with indirect ovals indicating scapula and thigh. Use two extra ovals to characterize the pinnacle.

Step 2

How to Draw a Horse
Lead zigzag traces from the middle of the ovals.

From the facilities of the scapula and thigh zigzag traces leg. Add circles – joints and triangles – hooves.

Step 3

How to Draw a Horse

Hint the define of the form as proven within the image. Then erase pointless traces.

Step 4

How to Draw a Horse

Draw the ear, pointing its tip backwards. Erase the road that crosses the ear. Add a watch and a nostril.

Step 5

How to Draw a Horse

Draw two extra “zigzag” legs and hooves. Draw the define of the legs and erase pointless traces inside.

Step 6 – How you can Draw a Horse

How to Draw a Horse
The tail continues the again line

With a couple of lengthy draw a mane and tail. These traces “stream” alongside the horse’s physique to indicate the motion of the horse.

Step 7 – How you can Draw a Horse

How to Draw a Horse
Shade the legs within the background. Shade the decrease a part of the physique and the neck.

Combine blue ink with numerous water to get a pale shade. Paint the physique components indicated within the image, thus indicating the form of the animal.

Step 8 – How you can Draw a Horse

How to Draw a Horse

Use lengthy flowing traces of pale blue to depict the mane and tail. The strokes could prolong past the define.

Step 9 – How you can Draw a Horse

How to Draw a Horse
Use a pencil for contour traces

When the picture is dry, hint the define with a blue pencil. Press the pencil more durable or weaker on the paper to make thick and skinny traces.

How to Draw a Horse
  • Sprinkle blue ink underneath the horses’ ft with the comb, as in the event that they had been galloping on water
  • Apply the shadow earlier than splashing the mascara on.

How you can Draw a Horse – PRO Degree

Drawing the proper proportions of a horse may be very troublesome even for an expert artist, not to mention a newbie.

How to Draw a Horse

Draw a large and elongated oval, sketch the tail. When drawing the neck, take note of the sag between the neck and the torso. The horse’s neck is lengthy. The top might be schematically represented as a circle oriented for drawing legs pelvic bone line hip and rectangle. Essentially the most troublesome work is to attract the legs. Mark the road of the hip and, persevering with it, draw the hind limbs. In drawing the entrance ones, deal with the bottom of the neck.

How to Draw a Horse

Make it possible for the form of the legs is drawn appropriately. Make the muzzle volumetric. Sketch the mane.

How to Draw a Horse

Spotlight the mane and tail, add shadows and touches.


Sadly, many artists, even nice masters, don’t at all times painting the horse efficiently. This means that its examine has typically not been given critical consideration. It’s unlucky when in a portray, together with a fairly competent depiction of human figures and different elements of the image, the horse is depicted ineptly, weakly, generally with errors that damage the attention.

Solely systematic examine and fixed work from life, familiarity with horse anatomy and hippology (the science of the horse) will allow the artist to painting the horse in truth and realistically.

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