How to Draw a Rose (Top 25 Easy Steps)

Today you will learn how to draw a rose in watercolor. This method is quite simple, and the result will amaze you. Let’s begin!

If you want to learn how to draw Rose in 2023, this is the guide for you!

How To Draw A Rose

How To Draw A Rose – Step 1

How To Draw A Rose

Prepare the following mixtures for the painting: cool pink (A), mixed from stable pink with a little blue paint; yellow-green (B), made from yellow paint with the addition of a small amount of blue, and blue-green (C), made in the same way as the yellow-green color, but with more amount of blue paint.

How To Draw A Rose – Step 2

image 8

Attach the paper to the board with adhesive tape, and then transfer the outline of the drawing the outline of the design on the board. Apply the duct tape tape along the pencil lines along the edges of the sheet.

How To Draw A Rose – Step 3

image 9

Use a large brush to wet the entire surface of the flower head with clean water. Make spiral strokes with highly diluted yellow paint, working from the center to the edge.

How To Draw A Rose – Step 4

image 10

Rinse the brush and repeat the process with diluted steady pink paint, allowing some of the yellow color to peek through some areas of yellow.

Step 5

image 11

While the paint is wet, make several strokes with a brighter pink in the center of the flower.

Step 6

image 12

Rinse the brush and remove excess water from it, then Then leave the painting to dry for a few for a few seconds. When the paint is only slightly wet, Remove some paint by pressing the brush firmly against the surface of the painting and brush along edge of the petals to remove the paint.

Step 7

image 13

Repeat these steps to create the basic shape of the flower as shown in the illustration, and then Allow the painting to dry.

How To Draw A Rose – Step 8

image 14

Draw a small brush with a steady pink paintbrush and paint the shadows between the petals in the center of the flower. Apply the paint wet-on-dry and dampen its brightness with a clean, damp brush.

How To Draw A Rose – Step 9

image 16

Working from the center outward, continue to draw the shadows. Once you get beyond the beyond the dense central group of tightly curled petals, start using cool pink (A).

How To Draw A Rose – Step 10

image 17

Continue working from the center outward, drawing shadows in the spiral we outlined earlier. Continue drawing the curves of the petals with the brush according to the shape of the petals. Gradually introduce a progressively brighter, cooler pink (A) color as you move on to the outer petals.

How To Draw A Rose – Step 11

image 18

Continue to draw the outermost petals. Leave small gaps between strokes to convey texture. Be careful not to paint over the areas where you removed the paint in step 6.

How To Draw A Rose – Step 12

image 19

Draw very subtle shadows and texture on the highlights on the petals, using more heavily diluted blends and softening the colors with a clean, wet brush. Add a bright cool pink (A) deep in the gaps between the petals, located near the center.

How To Draw A Rose – Step 13

image 20

Allow the flower to dry, then use a large brush to moisten the background with clean water. Leave a thin strip of dry paper around the rose, and then paint the moistened background with strongly yellow paint.

How To Draw A Rose – Step 14

image 21

While the paint is still wet, apply some loose, light strokes of a highly diluted yellow-green mixture (B).

Step 15

image 22

Apply a few random light strokes of heavily diluted blue paint, then let the painting completely dry.

Step 16

image 23

Use an eraser to remove the pencil lines, and then paint the top of the stem with the yellow-green (B) mixture, using a small brush.

Step 17

image 24

Being careful not to touch the leaves, continue to paint the bottom of the stem with the yellow-green (B) mixture. Before the paint dries, use a damp brush along the edge of the stem to make the green paint fade and almost disappear on the lit side of the stem. On the shaded side of the stem, add light strokes of the cool pink mixture (A).

How To Draw A Rose – Step 18

image 25

Allow the stem to dry, and then draw the spikes, using cool pink (A) and leaving a small unpainted space, to represent the highlights. Apply a thicker a thicker, brighter blend wet-on-dry to depict the shadows on the bottom dry to depict the shadows on the underside side of the spikes.

How To Draw A Rose – Step 19

image 26

Use a medium brush to wet the bottom sheet with clean water, leaving dry areas, which will represent the glare of the light.

How To Draw A Rose – Step 20

image 27

Draw shadows with a blue-green mixture (C) raw on the raw, by brushing toward the serrated edge of the leaf.

How To Draw A Rose – Step 21

image 28

To finish the leaf drawing, use the small brush – it allows you to emphasize the jagged edges, on the edges which you should apply a bit of cool pink (A).

How To Draw A Rose – Step 22

image 29

Continue painting the other leaves in the same way. If you inadvertently paint over an area of flare, you can remove the paint with a wet brush.

How To Draw A Rose – Step 23

image 30

Color the remaining leaves in the same way as described in in steps 19-22.

How To Draw A Rose – Step 24

image 31

Use a small brush to add Thin stems that Attach the leaves to the main stem. To do this Use the yellow-green mixture (A) and then cold pink (A), applying the paint wet on dry.

Step 25

image 32

To complete the drawing, apply some cool pink paint (A) to emphasize the main stem under the flower head, and then take a highly diluted blue-green mixture (C), to accentuate the shadows on the spikes and draw thin dark veins. Allow the painting to completely dry, and then remove the adhesive tape.

The rose is ready! Write in the comments which drawing lesson to do next.

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