How to Draw a Dog (Top 23 Great Breeds)

In this lesson you will learn how to draw a dog in motion, as well as dogs of different breeds. All lessons are step-by-step and you won’t have any problems.

  • Examine the dog carefully, try to sketch its outline in the most general way, focusing on the shapes of the body, head, paws, the correlation of body parts to each other and the neatness of the lines.
  • After drawing the outlines, it is necessary to carefully The details must be drawn carefully, keeping them in the same tone. The details must be in harmony with the outline, The details should be in harmony with the outline, not too bright, and complement the drawing naturally.
  • Now you need to give contrast to the drawing by carefully tracing the shadows. To do this, you need to accurately strokes to paint the right places in the drawing, Not forgetting about its integrity and a single color scheme.
  • To make the drawing realistic, it is necessary to make it The color of the outline should be more saturated to do this. The color of the outline should be made more saturated, and the shadows should be drawn carefully. Try to make Your drawing as similar as possible to the one shown here.

If you want to learn how to draw a Dog in 2023, this is the guide for you!

How to Draw a Dog that Runs

Step 1

How to Draw a Dog

Draw an oblique oval of the torso of the dog with a pencil. Add the ovals on the sides hips and shoulder blades. Don’t press hard on paper.

Step 2

How to Draw a Dog

From the shoulder blade draw a line of the neck, then finish with a round head and muzzle dog.

Step 3

How to Draw a Dog

Draw the lines of the legs. Use circles to mark joints and paws animal. Two of the legs should be visible not all of them.

Step 4

How to Draw a Dog

Lightly touching with the pencil on the paper, gently and smoothly lines outline the outline of the dog.

Step 5

How to Draw a Dog

Starting at the top of the dog’s thigh, draw a the tail line (it is a continuation spine).

Step 6

How to Draw a Dog

Starting from the head, draw the line of the dog’s ear of the dog’s ear. Then erase any unnecessary lines inside the outline.

Step 7

How to Draw a Dog

Draw an eye, leaving a white spot in the center. glare spot in the center. Also paint the nose of the animal.

Step 8

How to Draw a Dog

Apply along the contour line contour line with short strokes – lint wool. With the numerous little strokes draw the spots on the animal’s body.

Step 9

How to Draw a Dog
  • On the dark areas, the tufts lie in the same direction.
  • On the black back of the dog, unpainted white sections of paper are visible. They give the impression of a shiny animal coat.
  • The shadow under the drawing of the dog is drawn in black pencil.

How to Draw a Dog (11 different breeds)

How to draw a dog (Labrador)

  • 1 1
  • 1 4
  • 1 3
  • 1 2
  • 1 1 1

Start with a portrait of a kind and intelligent dog with a big heart, the Labrador. Note the wide forehead, The soft floppy ears and thoughtful gaze. Try portraying this noble dog, Follow our instructions.

How to draw a dog (Chihuahua)

  • 2
  • 2 1
  • 2 2
  • 2 3
  • 2 4

The baby Chihuahua is the world’s tiniest purebred dog. The Chihuahua has a proud, calm and fearless temperament. Study carefully the body shape of this dog And do not forget to respect the proportions.

How to draw a dog (German Shepherd)

  • 3
  • 3 1
  • 3 2
  • 3 3
  • 3 4

The German Shepherd is a courageous and brave dog, a wonderful companion and guardian. When drawing a German Shepherd, pay attention to the size and shape of the ears, as well as the characteristic dark color of the muzzle.

How to draw a dog (Irish Setter puppy)

  • 4
  • 4 1
  • 4 2
  • 4 3
  • 4 4

One of the most beautiful dogs is the noble Irish Setter. The main difficulty in doing is to draw the setter’s hair well, its silky sheen. Practice using this example Use pencils of different stiffness.

How to draw a dog (English Bulldog Puppy)

  • 5
  • 5 1
  • 5 2
  • 5 3
  • 5 4

A true Brit, the bulldog, despite its ridiculous appearance, is an extremely charming and lovable dog. Try to convey the bulldog’s appearance correctly, concentrating on drawing the skin folds on the muzzle and body of the puppy, using the techniques of light and shadow.

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