The way to Draw a Scallop [5 Easy Steps]

On this lesson you’ll be taught how to attract a scallop step-by-step shortly and simply, in addition to discover ways to correctly shade a shell.

The way to Draw a Scallop

How to Draw a Scallop

How to Draw a Scallop step by step

Total Time: 10 minutes

Step 1 [How to Draw a Scallop]

How to Draw a Scallop

We will have a blank sheet of scrapbook paper in front of us, which we will put in front of us. We will sketch the size as well as the shape of the seashell, without pressing down on the plain pencil while drawing.u003cbru003eAt the bottom we will go down and draw the base, looking at the picture below the text.u003cbru003eOnce we’ve sharpened the tip of the plain pencil, we’ll sketch a couple of vertical arcs similar to the shape of a rainbow.u003cbru003e

Step 2

How to Draw a Scallop

Along the way, we’ll go to the right and left side of the scallop shell to add a couple of depressions. Look at the picture below the text and do the same as I did, dear artists and painters.u003cbru003eOn the left side let’s draw 12 straight lines.u003cbru003eThis time step by step drawing lesson we will finish drawing 14 stripes, as we need to add more middle of the scallop.u003cbru003e

Step 3 [How to Draw a Scallop]

How to Draw a Scallop

We need to close our nice scallop shell with small arcs. Concentrate and carefully, do not forget to sharpen the tip of a simple pencil, so that the paper does not appear unnecessary strokes and blotches.u003cbru003eExecute strictly erase with an eraser what we added in step 1 of the step-by-step drawing lesson. Immediately close the shell with a couple of strokes.u003cbru003eAt the end of the drawing and with a smooth motion of a simple pencil in his hand we will draw the bases in the form of supports.u003cbru003e

Step 4

How to Draw a Scallop

Step-by-step coloring lessons, so we put a pack of colored pencils next to us. Then, with a yellow pencil we’ll color the bulges.u003cbru003eWe will, of course, fill in the hollows with a darker shade of yellow.u003cbru003eWe will paint the first arc with several shades of brown.u003cbru003e

Step 5

How to Draw a Scallop

In the second part of the scallop shell The second strip consists of yellow shades.u003cbru003eOn the last strip in brown pencil, and the tapering tip is filled with yellow.u003cbru003eIt is necessary to paint the stand.


  • Drawing papern


  • Pencil and markersn

Materials: Eraser

That is how simple we drew a scallop in 5 steps.