How to Draw a Spider Web [7 Easy Steps]

In this simple lesson, you’ll learn how to draw a spider web in 7 steps.

Maybe for Halloween or some other gothic, but for us to develop our hands and eyesight. A spider web is a wonderfully beautiful and yet simple radial pattern. If you understand how to approach the matter, a very decent spider web can draw and a five-year-old child. In nature, a web, woven by spiders, looks like this:

How to Draw a Spider Web Easy

How to Draw a Spider Web

How to Draw a Spider Web step by step

Total Time: 10 minutes

Step 1 [How to Draw a Spider Web]

How to Draw a Spider Web

So, we will draw on a scrapbook page. We start with the fact that we find the center and put a point, I’m not going to place a photo of this fundamental point here, but I beg you – do not hurry, the center define correctly, without a miss. This very search for the center of a large sheet of great development of the eye, if you approach the matter consciously, of course. In general, the middle of the leaf defined. Now draw a vertical and horizontal lines through this point, and then the bisectors of the resulting right angles. Children shouldn’t say such words, let them simply divide the angles in half.

Step 2

How to Draw a Spider Web

Then these corners are divided in half again.

Step 3

How to Draw a Spider Web

Here the most important thing is not to lose our center and all the lines to draw from this point. Well, the preparatory work is done, now we need to strengthen the future web, I suggest to place it between two tall plants so that all the main threads lead either to the stems or to the leaves. And those that are directed downwards, let them cling to … well, pebbles, for example.
And now I’m going to draw with a felt-tip pen. First I’m going to trace the radial lines – tracing is a very good way to develop hand and eye fidelity, so don’t miss any good instances to practice tracing.

Step 4

How to Draw a Spider Web

And now begin to build concentric polygons from the center.

Step 5

How to Draw a Spider Web

Don’t make it too thick, but don’t make it too infrequent either – all the flies will escape.

Step 6

How to Draw a Spider Web

Well here it is – a magnificent web, I just felt proud that I designed such a catch net. Now let’s paint the plants – a picture of a spider web to look at.

Step 7

How to Draw a Spider Web

Is the spider missing?
I have very far-reaching plans for him – we are going to make a spider applique! But this will be devoted to the next article. In the meantime, we’ll repeat and reinforce the skills of weaving a spider web. Let’s depict a lurking spider and draw him a spider web – angular. Yes, a different design.
From this corner will come out all the main threads of his web. How to draw a quarter of the web, I think you have already understood and I will not describe it step by step. I have such a spider’s web.


  • Drawing paper


  • Pencils and markers

Materials: Spidey sense

How to Draw a Spider Web video lesson