The best way to Draw a Taco [9 Easy Steps]


On this article you’ll study how to attract a taco. Step-by-step, I’ll educate you ways to attract this scrumptious Mexican dish. Get your markers prepared and go forward and create artwork!

If you wish to discover ways to draw a scrumptious Taco in 2023, this information is for you!

how to draw a taco

How to Draw a Taco step by step

Total Time: 10 minutes

Step 1 [How to Draw a Taco]

So, let’s prepare a piece of paper and draw something, I use Molotow marker, we’ll start at the bottom edge of the taco, so if I don’t draw Kirby at the bottom, and then we just fold it on the right side.

Step 2 [How to Draw a Taco]

On the left side we’re going to bend the edge of the taco shell, you go out and then just bend this up now this draws the top of the shell on the left side I’m going to start with the bend down and then bend this up now enjoy the big house circle going all the way down to the right side lets go all the way up to the top I’m going to round this I’m just going to point down to the right side I’m just going to soften the angle with the curve.

Step 3 [How to Draw a Taco]

Now let’s fill in the taco, we’ll start with the first layer of cheese, so everything on the left side, start from here, curve outward and downward, now I’ll curve inward and then down to the outside of the shell, let’s go all the way to the top and add another corner of cheese, starting at the top, moving up, start at the point, at this point I want to curve down and then left, back to the top, curve this right and then down to the top of the shell.

Step 4 [How to Draw a Taco]

Let’s do another one on the right side, we’re on the side that I want to lean down and out, and we’ll just pull that inward to the bottom Now we’ll add a second layer of stuffing starting at the bottom corner. and we’ll just tuck that under the side of the cheese, let’s get to the top of the cheese and do the same thing, we’ll just keep pulling the side of the meat and pull that all around, I’ll just pull that down to the top of the shell.

Step 5 [How to Draw a Taco]

And move towards the right side and do it again, starting from here, just draw these little semicircles going all around the perimeter, we’ll just put this in behind the cheese when I have some flowing out the side, starting on the left and going all around to the bottom, now let’s work around the bottom, twist the ends and go in the opposite direction all around the perimeter. We have one little crumb at the bottom, and one little circle.

Step 6

We’ll add some tomato between the meat and the cheese, draw a curve from left to right going up and then down, do the same thing on the side going around and then behind the meat and then add some lettuce, starting at the top, draw a wave going down and then just pull it in, add some along the top where behind the cheese going up and down and then behind the tomato.

Step 7 [How to Draw a Taco]

Now that I’ve given our taco a face, we go to the sides and draw two little circles for the eyes, line them up to the right and draw a little circle at the top of the eyes, highlight it, and then fill in the bottom areas of the eyes with black.

Step 8

Now move between the eyes straight to the center, draw the mouth and draw a U.

Step 9 [How to Draw a Taco]

And then over each eye we draw a curved eyebrow going up and down, and the last thing we do is that little bit of texture for the taco shell, you’re just going to surround the outside with some random spots and then along the bottom.u003cbru003eYour taco is ready, now you need to color it.