How to Draw Cuphead Show [9 Easy Steps]

Learn how to draw Cuphead from The Cuphead Show in this tutorial. This cute cup-shaped character will bring a smile to your face.

If you want to learn how to draw the Cuphead Show in 2023, this is the guide for you!

how to draw cuphead

In the truest sense of the word, the “classic” animated series is Cuphead. It’s classic because everything in it is done in the spirit of the 1930s from the graphics with their graphic elements that were created by Walt Disney to the musical instruments and jazzy musical accompaniment. Draw one of the two characters, and go on a journey through an amazing world. And here’s how to draw the character:

How to draw Cuphead from The Cuphead Show

Total Time: 20 minutes

Step 1 How to Draw Cuphead

how to draw cuphead

Let’s start with the head. The head is a cup, so draw a semicircle at the bottom and a flatter semi-oval at the top. And with a small circle mark the nose of our cup.

Step 2

how to draw cuphead

Let’s add a handle to our cup, because a cup without a handle is a glass. Draw half a donut or half a heart. Don’t forget to leave a hole. Also draw a tube that comes out of the cup.

Step 3 How to Draw Cuphead

how to draw cuphead

Now let’s draw his eyes. You can draw the left eye by drawing a curved line from the corner of the cup to the middle, then, change direction and end the line at the top of the cup. You get an elongated semicircle. In the same way make the right eye. Inside the eye depict the pupil in the form of a horseshoe, the ends of which are dropped down.

Step 4

how to draw cuphead

Draw the mouth in the shape of an oval, which is flattened at the top. And with rare strips mark the teeth. Our character should be smiling wickedly.

Step 5 How to Draw Cuphead

how to draw cuphead

Draw the torso cups and his clothes. Of the items of clothing, he has a black sweatshirt and red shorts. You can add more clothes as you wish.

Step 6

how to draw cuphead

And now our task is to draw hands. The right hand will be up, and the main finger is protruding. It’s like it’s getting ready to shoot tea drops. The left hand is pompously placed at the side of the character.

Step 7 How to Draw Cuphead

how to draw cuphead

Then draw the cup feet and boots on a thick sole. This type of boot is extremely useful when in a boat on the sea or when you are in a canoe on the river. The most important thing to remember is that the character’s feet must be sized in proportion to his body so that there is balance in the drawing.

Step 8

how to draw cuphead

We finish the second leg. Our drawing is almost done! There are only a few details left.

Step 9 How to Draw Cuphead

how to draw cuphead

We paint the pupils of the cups black and that’s it. The character is ready. The only thing left is to color it with your favorite colors. You can change colors and some details and thus create new cup characters.


  • White paper, black, red and brown markers


  • White paper, black, red and brown markers

Materials: White paper, black, red and brown markers

Animation is in vogue now, and major corporations release successful new projects every year. However, whatever fantasy stories are made up – they are based on real life. Whereas in the animation of the 1930s, on the contrary, tried to avoid it. The aesthetics of strange characters in the style of the Renaissance combined with the equally strange culture of cartoons of the 90s create an unusual cartoon picture, brightly standing out from other products of our time.

The video version of the lesson is already on the Art Plays YouTube channel:

Good luck in your creative endeavors! Draw your Cuphead Show character now or use our drawing ideas generator for more creative ideas!