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What do Draw - Ideas Generator by Art Plays

  • The Drawing Ideas Generator, for example, can assist beginners and professional artists in choosing drawing topics as part of regular practice. A generator will suggest simple or extended options for drawing if you are bored and want to draw something but don’t know what to draw.
  • This is because in order to progress as an artist and maintain your creative form, you need to draw regularly, and preferably every day. You can try to create something new and interesting to begin with, but after a while it becomes increasingly difficult to create new and interesting subjects. In order to avoid wasting time and energy on coming up with new themes, a random thought generator was created to simplify this task.
  • This does not mean that you must copy the generator’s image exactly. When you hit the refresh button, you should get a story that triggered an emotional response from you. And fantasy works better if what is being drawn happens on an emotional level.
  • To make you want to draw, the suggested drawing ideas are designed to inspire you. Choose a subject that interests you and modify it as you wish. As an example, your imagination created a picture of a large hedgehog in the sun in a clearing while you were told to draw it in the bushes. So what? You are welcome to clear that area as well, if you want. Do not be afraid to interpret the questions in any way that seems fitting to you.


If you don’t know what to draw, the drawing ideas generator will help you. This generator contains thousands of ideas from all over the world. You can share your idea too.

What to draw? How do I use the drawing idea generator?

To find out what to draw, just click in the center of the glowing circle.

How do I add my idea to the drawing idea generator?

Fill out the form and click send. Your drawing idea will be added some time after moderation.

How do I get quick access to the idea generator?

You can download our drawing idea generator app.

I don't know how to draw the resulting idea, what should I do?

Use our drawing lessons.

Art Plays What to Draw
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Art Plays has collected thousands of drawing ideas on a variety of topics. You're sure to find the right idea in this tool. Click on the circle and get creative hints.

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