How to Draw a Wolf [5 Easy Steps]

This simple lesson teaches you how to draw a wolf in 5 steps quickly and beautifully using only a pencil or marker.

If you want to learn how to draw Wolf in 2023, this is the guide for you!

how to draw a wolf

It is clear from this example that it can be used to draw other animals. The main condition: to highlight the characteristic features of the depicted animal (proportions, size and location of body parts). For example, in the ears of dogs, cats and bears differ in size and shape. And so, let’s proceed to create a sketch of a wolf.

How to Draw a Wolf step by step

Total Time: 10 minutes

Step 1 – How to Draw a Wolf

how to draw a wolf

Draw three circles at the same distance from each other. The first is the head, the second is the torso and the third is the back of the torso.
In the case where the head should be below the level of the chest, then draw a circle for the head at chest height.

Step 2 – How to Draw a Wolf

how to draw a wolf

Then connect these circles with wavy lines, marking the future wolf body and muzzle. The level at which the eyes will be located is indicated by a horizontal line and below the middle of the circle by a vertical line; the nose will be located at the level of the eyes.

Step 3 – How to Draw a Wolf

how to draw a wolf

In the center of the first circle draw the wolf’s ears. To draw the nose we first draw a small circle, and then move on to detail. Now we need to draw different parts of the body. Front and hind paws should be at the same height. The wolf stands with its back, so part of the body is not visible to us. We draw circles for front paws and leave only part visible. We remove the rest with eraser. And for the hind limbs we make an oval shape. Also on one paw only part of the paw is visible and no more.

Step 4 – How to Draw a Wolf

how to draw a wolf

Make the nose oval, and in its place – a square “face”. Now add the tail and future paw shapes. They can be depicted in different ways, for example: rectangles, cylinders, or even oval shapes. In this example, we used rectangular shapes. Follow this: the length of the front part of the front rectangle (paw) is usually about half the height of the thorax, and the back part is about half the height of the thorax. If the paw is raised or stretched forward, the rectangle of that paw should be positioned in the direction in which the paw is supposed to be positioned.

Step 5 – How to Draw a Wolf

how to draw a wolf

On the head we draw the ears in more detail, as well as the eyes. Now add the neck. And now pay attention to the structure of the wolf’s lower limbs. And now, draw the tail.
It is not necessary to do detailing. For the sketch, it is enough to make an outline (outline of the animal).
Description of the object. Remove auxiliary lines with the eraser. Highlight the main features of the wolf. Hair in wolves is quite thick, as well as long. You can also add his teeth, so he was more intimidating, because he is a predator.  It looks like a pointy-eared dog, but it has larger paws and a wide-bodied head.


  • Black marker, white paper


  • Black marker, white paper

Materials: Black marker, white paper

He will look like a dog. From the same family of canines. However, it is a wild animal. In some parts of the world, they are tamed and also protected, as this species is bordering on extinction. And wolves are characters in literary works, and even legends. For example, wolves become werewolves in some stories.

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