The right way to Draw Cats and Soup [9 Easy Tasty Steps]

On this lesson, we’ll learn to draw Cats and Soup, these cute kitties from the smartphone sport. The lesson may be very easy, so hurry up and seize your marker, get your sketchbook and let’s go!

If you wish to learn to draw Cats and Soup in 2023, that is the information for you!

Cats and Soup is probably the most nice and enjoyable sport from Hidea. It’s an aesthetically pleasing, relaxed sport from Hidea. Ultimately, you’ll fall in love with the hand-drawn graphics. Completely superb artwork type and sound results. The ASMR followers will love the soothing music, in addition to the sound of rains.

As well as, the eye to element given to a cat’s conduct and motion is great. The conduct of every cat will likely be completely different within the occasion that they work together with varied services and environments. All of the video games have a whole day and night time time system, in addition to climate programs, that make every little thing look so actual on this world of animation.

Now let’s begin drawing!

how to draw cats and soup 0

How to Draw Cats and Soup step by step

Total Time: 15 minutes

Kitty’s hat [How to Draw Cats and Soup]

how to draw cats and soup step 1

First, let’s draw a hat on the head of the kitty. Draw a semicircle, the ends of which are curved. Inside the hat immediately indicate the head of the cat. On top draw another semi-oval – this will be the top of the headgear.

Cat Face

how to draw cats and soup step 2

Add elements of a cat’s face, to make the drawing livelier. Draw bangs peeking out from under the hat. Black, charcoal eyes oval in shape. Mark the lips, nose in the form of triangles.

Kitty Paws [How to Draw Cats and Soup]

how to draw cats and soup step 3

Now draw the paws and back of the kitty, which boils soup. Remember that in his paws he holds a spoon, with which he stirs the soup in the vat.

Add a spoon and finish drawing the back of the cat

how to draw cats and soup step 4

Draw a spoon, or rather its handle, in the form of an uneven rectangle. Then finish drawing the back of the cat, and do not forget about his tail. Finish drawing the cat on his leg. The second leg-leg is hidden behind the vat, which we are now going to start drawing.

Drawing a vat [How to Draw Cats and Soup]

how to draw cats and soup step 5

It is very easy to draw a vat. To begin with, draw an uneven circle. Do not try to make it perfectly flat.

Drawing the details of the vat

how to draw cats and soup step 6

Then add details to make our vat look three-dimensional and more realistic. First, draw a curved horizontal line from the middle to the middle of the pot. In the resulting top oval draw another smaller oval. The result will be the rim of the vat. Choose the thickness of the walls of your vat as you see fit. But don’t make them too thick.

Many more parts for the pot [How to Draw Cats and Soup]

how to draw cats and soup step 7

Draw the handle of the vat and scuffs on the side.u003cbru003eThen fill the vat with tasty soup. To do this, inside the vat, draw a semicircle with the ends down – with this action we have marked the liquid inside the dish. And at the end, add details that will give the liquid a boiling effect.


how to draw cats and soup step 8

Now let’s draw firewood and fire. You can’t make soup without them.

Final touches

how to draw cats and soup step 9

Let’s make it easy for the cat to make soup. Let’s draw a stand on which he stands with his legs and feet.


  • Black marker


  • Multicolored pencils

Materials: Sketchbook

Congratulations! You have drawn a cat making soup from the sport Cats and Soup. Which lesson do you have to do subsequent? Write your ideas within the feedback!

Want concepts for drawing? They’re right here!

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How to Draw Cats and Soup

Here is a peaceful animal forest where cats boil their delicious soup! An idle relaxing cat game perfect for cat moms and dads =✪ ᆺ ✪=

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