How to Draw an Easy Flamingo


Now I will show you how to draw an easy flamingo. Undoubtedly, this lesson will be interesting and useful for any aspiring artist.

If you want to learn how to draw various birds, then be sure to follow the new lesson on how to draw an easy flamingo. Flamingo is a very beautiful graceful bird that has long and thin legs, a long neck and a large, curved beak.

The main distinguishing feature of this bird is its plumage, which has an unusual bright pink color.
In the process, try to keep the proportions and carefully draw all the lines, then you will get an excellent drawing.

So, take all the necessary art supplies and start the lesson.





Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw an Easy Flamingo

Draw the head.

Determine the size of your drawing and draw an even circle.

Depict the torso.

Step back a little and draw the torso, which is shaped like a teardrop.

Add the beak.

Draw the large beak with curved lines. Depict the cross strip in the middle.

Sketch out the eye and wing.

Depict the eye in the shape of an oval and use a smooth line to draw the wing.

Draw the neck.

With the help of two curved lines depict the long neck.

Depict the paws.

Draw the legs below the body in the same position as in the example.

Add the bottom of the paw.

Depict the thin lower part of the paw, which is raised up.

Correct inaccuracies.

Take the eraser and carefully remove all the extra lines in your drawing.

Color the drawing.

Color the flamingo’s plumage pink. You will also need beige, gray, and black.

The lesson has come to an end, and now you know how to draw an easy flamingo step by step. Write in the comments if you liked this lesson. You can also offer your ideas for new drawing lessons. I will definitely take into account all your wishes. Don’t forget to download the PDF file, which contains a brief instruction and additional training materials.

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