How to Draw Anime (6 Steps)

How to draw anime

Many people are interested in knowing how to draw anime. If you have a desire to learn this lesson, you should pay attention to this article. Here, you can find useful tips and tricks that greatly facilitate the creation of animation. Even if you haven’t attended an art school, with perseverance and patience, you can easily learn this technique.

If you want to learn how to draw Anime in 2023, this is the guide for you!

Draw a head

How to draw anime
How to draw anime

First, draw a circle – this is the most suitable figure for anime characters. Next, divide this circle into two parts with a vertical line in the middle. After that, divide it into three parts with horizontal lines in the middle. This is done so that it is convenient to draw eyes, mouth, and nose. At the bottom of the circle with a weak pencil, draw a space in the form of a rectangle. The nose and lips will be drawn there. In this part, draw a line in the form of the letter «V», this will simplify your task.

Draw eyes

How to draw anime

If you are wondering how to draw anime, then the eyes are one of the important parts here. The eyes should be distributed in the same position. First, draw a curved line leading up. Where we have a bend, we make the line thicker. The iris should remain covered by the eyelid if we do not draw a specific emotion. It can be made round or oval. Glare is also one of the important parts in the question of how to draw anime. You can draw them as much as you like. The large flare is facing the light. We do not cover the glare in any way.

How to draw anime

To draw an eyebrow, we need to darken the eye next to the pupil. Also, don’t forget to add a lot of eyelashes, and you will complete one of the main parts of the question how to draw anime.

Draw a nose

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The nose can be of different types and shapes, according to your desire. It should be drawn just below the eyes, in the middle. Follow these tips to deal with the question of how to draw anime. To create the perfect character, you need to follow different nose shapes and nostrils styles.

First, draw the bridge of your nose. Nostrils can be drawn in different ways, they indicate the temperament of your character. To give your character a more beautiful look, do not forget about the size and shape of the nose.

To understand how to draw anime, we will consider the option of drawing a nose. Draw three curved vertical lines, then outline the nostrils, mouth, and lips.

Draw lips and mouth

How to draw anime

Now we will look at how to draw anime lips and mouth. The teeth on the edges of the mouth should be shorter than the lips, be sure to draw the lower lip, in the simplified version, it is always there. On the inside of the teeth, you should draw shadows. If you draw the lips in the profile version, add dividing lines. It should not stretch over the entire lip. For an open mouth, draw the back of the teeth, add two rings – top and bottom, then add shadows to create depth.

Draw the upper lip with a curved line and narrow it at the edges of the lips. The nose should rest on the top of the lip. We almost answered the question of how to draw anime.

If you want to draw an angry mouth, start with a simple line. Draw the nose and mouth from the folds. This is easy because many mouths are drawn with simple lines.

It remains to draw the shape of the cheeks. You choose the size yourself. The ears and eyes should be on the same line.

Draw hair

Anime characters’ hair starts at the top of our horizontal line, where it joins the vertical line. In the topic «how to draw anime» – hair is not a little important part. For wavy hair, you will not need any skills, just draw curved lines from the head. In curly hair, attention should be paid to the formation of curls.

How to draw anime

Straight hair is created from straight lines that end in a soft end.

Short hair consists of many short curls of different lengths.

How to draw anime

How to draw anime we have almost learned, there is a small part. In anime, there are many different types of heads and face shapes, according to this guide, you will be able to realize all your desires.

Anime in full growth

If you want to draw a full-length character, here are some tips. Let’s start with the lines of the collar, spine, shoulders, hips, and feet. We sketch the body, not forgetting about the limbs and joints.

How to draw anime

Draw the head and face and add the hair (described above).

After that, we make a sketch of the body shape and add details. Women have a more sinuous body than men. If we draw a woman, then we flatten the shoulders a little.

How to draw anime

We begin to draw the chest, gradually moving to the waist. If you want to add this feature, then make your hips wider.

How to draw anime

The chest begins at the beginning of the arm and ends at the pectoral muscles. We make the limbs thin and do not forget about the curved lines to give shape. When drawing anime, we make small protrusions on the elbows and go to the wrists and hands. All that remains is to erase the sketches!


How to draw anime

I hope now you have no more questions about how to draw anime. This article is as detailed as possible about all the important things and details that are necessary for the development of your skill, and now you will not have any doubts about the topic «How to draw anime».

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