The right way to Draw Braids Actual [7 Easy Steps]

Like to be taught totally different drawing strategies, and this time you determined to be taught how to attract braids by drawing step-by-step? Subsequent you’ll learn to draw a braid with a pencil, performing these or different hairstyles that can beautify any woman, the heroine of your image. Because of the easy suggestions, any woman will be capable of draw a feminine braid with out utilizing stencils. And, your drawing of the braid will probably be as energetic and enticing as attainable.

If you wish to learn to draw Braids in 2023, that is the information for you!

The right way to Draw Braids step-by-step

You shouldn’t neglect high quality consumables. If you’re excited by how to attract a braid on the top of a lady, or draw an enthralling braid on a woman’s head. To be able to make the braid drawing as pure and delightful, use the talked about consumables.

How to Draw Braids

Take into account intimately how to attract braids and supply your self with every thing you want. You’ll then learn to draw pigtails rapidly utilizing the easy step-by-step directions, that are as follows.

How to Draw Braids Real

Total Time: 25 minutes

Step 1 [How to Draw Braids]

How to Draw Braids

Draw two borders within which your braid will be located. In order to do this, you need to start forming oblique u0022beamsu0022 from the bottom that will visually overlap each other.

Step 2

How to Draw Braids

Then go around all the sharp corners and round them. This way you will make a drop-shape and give it the shape of a braid. Next, lead the braid down and brush to the bottom with a brush. Then add additional pencil strokes directly to the empty areas on the braid.

Step 3 [How to Draw Braids]

How to Draw Braids

Now next to it you need to draw another unusual and simple braid. Next you need to draw a simple line in an arbitrary shape. Then draw a drop-shaped shape along your line, which will gather into a braid.

Step 4

How to Draw Braids

Add extra pencil strokes to these shapes to make the drawing seem less sharp. From the bottom to the bottom, the segments of the braid should decrease. For the finale, create a nice tassel shape.

Step 5

How to Draw Braids

Then make her one braid, but with a different technique. Then, again, draw a curved line. At this point, along this line, make light diamond-shaped segments.

Step 6

How to Draw Braids

And to finish, be sure to make a tassel. One way to draw a braid is to do drop ovals. Proceed to draw a straight line.

Step 7

How to Draw Braids

Drop shapes should be made in a straight line, and a tassel shape should be added at the end. You can also use hearts, which have a heart shape. And in this case, it is important not to mix the individual segments of the pattern together.


  • Paper


  • pencil

Materials: eraser

How to attract braids (Video model)

Each second artist has an issue with drawing braids. And that’s the reason you will need to take note of the information of the masters. After which you could watch a thematic video on the topic.


Having uncovered totally different strategies for drawing braids in entrance of you, share the talents and information you have gained. To do that, depart your feedback within the feedback. You may also get solutions to your questions there from certified artists who can develop your expertise.