The best way to Draw Eddie Munson [9 Easy Steps]

On this lesson you’ll learn to draw Eddie Munson, one of many primary characters in season 4 of Stranger Issues. Seize your markers and pencils and let’s go draw!

If you wish to learn to draw Eddie Munson in 2023, that is the information for you!

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The best way to Draw Eddie Munson Step by Step

How to Draw Eddie Munson

Total Time: 15 minutes

Step 1 [How to Draw Eddie Munson]

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So we have to try to draw Eddie from Stranger Things, we’re trying to get a part of the Hellfire T-shirt and let’s just do it, so I’m on the landscape page, use pencil and eraser, sketch this lightly and press pause, if I’m going too fast, so the portrait of him is looking forward, maybe his body is like three quarters a little bit to the right, I’m going to start with his eyes, so the center point on my page is about here, I’m going to go up to the right side, we’re going to kind of half-human Realistic human eyes, so pretty small eyes, so basically the best way to draw this, we’re going to go diagonally first on the right side and then we’re just going to bring it through and sort it down the back, like so you can thicken it just a little you don’t want to think it looks too much, because let’s make them look a little feminine.

Step 2 [How to Draw Eddie Munson]

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But then the lower eyelid, so we’ll go look down from here, so come down in here so you can connect them or leave a gap, it’s totally up to you, and then its iris inside this circle kind of going around from the upper eyelash line, just up, the upper eyelid kind of cut off, and then its pupil just in the center, doesn’t have to be a perfect circle or anything like that, so depending on that you can add a tear duct line, if you want, you know it’s optional, so the other eye, the terrible other eye, the width of the eye, because we’re going for realistic human proportions, so here and here, see, the width from here and here will fit in the gap, and that’s where the next eye starts, and you go diagonally again, and you bring it through and down the back, and we’ll add some extra darkness or thickness to that line, kind of Like at the bottom, again down around, sometimes it’s good to leave a gap, especially on the male characters, because if it were a woman, you’d add lashes and things like that, and darken all that to exaggerate femininity, right, and then the iris, same thing, circle going down from the upper eyelid line, like that, and then people are about there.

Step 3 [How to Draw Eddie Munson]

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So, we have some eyelid lines that go up and on top, like the same thing on this side, top to bottom like this, and then eyebrows, depending on how realistic you want to make the eyebrows, you can do it all with individual hairs and stuff, but we kind of go a little bit in between because it has pretty clear eyebrows, so we’ll do a couple hairs in the beginning, so we go like a couple hair lines there, but then we add the actual eyebrow.

Step 4 [How to Draw Eddie Munson]

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We’ll draw it in this direction and then we’ll go up and add a space that you can paint over, that way you can add texture if you want, you can have a line starting at his nose, all right, kind of like we do the same thing here, so we’ll add some hair lines here and then go up the back, so those are hair lines and then we go up here, down the back, so those are hair lines and then we’ll go up here back, down the back, so that’s right, and then just some lines, maybe in the corners of his eyes, maybe some frown lines in the middle of his nose, maybe he has these doo-doo-doo type lines, so speaking of his nose, the line comes down here, curves a little bit there, and the bridge of his nose kind of comes out like this, and then we have this little u0022vu0022, kind of here in the middle, this curved line for the tip of his nose, and then his nostrils come in here.

Step 5 [How to Draw Eddie Munson]

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You can darken that a little bit and then bring the nostril around here just like a little shadow under it, and then the same thing on the other side, so you’ll just have a little shadow and then it comes in there, maybe like the tip of his nose here again just kind of comes in, so maybe we’ll just draw a little bit of his nose going down this side also just kind of so you don’t have to draw it completely, and then he has some lines like inside his eyes here.

Step 6 [How to Draw Eddie Munson]

how to draw eddie munson 6

So just darken this eyeliner, his mouth is a real special kind of mouth, so we’ll try to do our best, so we’ll start like saying, it’s like under this part of his eye, like here on the right, and the other side will end in the same place here, and he smiles, so this one is likeā€¦ might be a little bit higher, so we’ll just go for this down back up this has a couple of bumps on this side and then smiles up so just make this edge a little bit darker there too and his upper lip will draw him in so it goes up about here down and down into his mouth on this side a dark shadow here in this corner also there lower lip goes down around there he has a pretty strong chin right so we’ll go down here so you like approximately you proportion wise right you bring your chin like say.

Step 7 [How to Draw Eddie Munson]

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So he’s got such a lumpy chin, I’m actually drawn right, and again your proportions, so it’s about the same here to here to here to here, and then down in the nose to say here, down his lower lip, right, it’s about the same as this space to here, so this is your halfway point, here is about the same as here, okay, the jaw, then the strong jaw, so we go up this way and then we go this way all right at the level of his lower lip turns this corner and starts to curve up the side of his face he starts to go up.

Step 8 [How to Draw Eddie Munson]

how to draw eddie munson 8

So we start to get some hair on his face up here all right so and then his cheekbones as here we get like some cheekbone lines come in kind of travels up right next to his eyebrows like here and then we start to get some hair lines some hair spikes come in on his face up here and he has some lines that come down from his nose and come around his mouth.

Step 9 [How to Draw Eddie Munson]

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Now paint the picture of Eddie Munson.


  • Markersn


  • Drawing papern

Materials: Eraser

The best way to Draw Eddie Munson [Video lessons]