The way to Draw Fall Leaves [8 Easy Steps]

Autumn is coming. Falling leaves flip yellow, and when the primary frost hits, they die. The frosts come too early, the leaves do not even have time to lose their shade. Regardless of this, the result’s that the bottom is roofed with stunning coloured leaves. On this lesson, you will learn to draw Fall Leaves in 8 steps.

The way to Draw Fall Leaves step-by-step

how to draw fall leaves

How to Draw Fall Leaves step by step

Total Time: 10 minutes

Step 1 [How to Draw Fall Leaves]

how to draw fall leaves

Draw a general silhouette around the outline of the place where the sheet will lie. You will have a small pile.u003cbru003e

Step 2

how to draw fall leaves

Now, from the total number of leaves that are in the pile, let’s separate each leaf separately and place them in a separate pile. Now we will not give a detailed analysis of the position of each leaf.u003cbru003e

Step 3 [How to Draw Fall Leaves]

how to draw fall leaves

Next, we will draw the outlines of the leaves and their location. There will be leaves of a maple tree.u003cbru003e

Step 4

how to draw fall leaves

Draw the outline of each leaf on the paper, and then trace it with a black pen.u003cbru003e

Step 5 [How to Draw Fall Leaves]

how to draw fall leaves

Using a yellow and orange pencil, draw a few leaves, using yellow or orange pencil.u003cbru003e

Step 6

how to draw fall leaves

Add shades of red and green to the overall picture.u003cbru003e

Step 7 [How to Draw Fall Leaves]

how to draw fall leaves

To highlight the outlines in the foreground, we use a black marker. You can draw a shadow under the leaves, and between them – in gray.u003cbru003e

Step 8

how to draw fall leaves

In this article, you learned how to draw fall leaves.


  • A simple pencil;nBlack pen;n


  • Eraser;nA sheet of white paper;n

Materials: Colored pencils (yellow, orange, red, green).nBlack marker.

How to attract fall leaves accurately

Drawing diagram of an fall leaf

To grasp how to attract autumn leaves, you must take aside the construction of the leaf right down to the skeleton. Study to attract strains – the premise of the longer term picture.
First, a straight vertical line is drawn, which runs alongside the axis of symmetry and connects it to the axis of symmetry. From it you must draw two extra, about 45 levels every, pointing upwards.

This shall be a shorter line. They need to have a paired quantity. The variety of sides is dependent upon the scale of the sheet.
Then they’re related in a straight line, or arcs. Now all that is left is to complete drawing the leg and coloring.
Not fairly regular method of constructing this leaf is its simplified model. If you wish to make it extra like an actual one, you must add a pair extra of the identical items. Earlier than doing this, observe the identical process as with the earlier primitive drawing: join the sides of the strains in pairs.

Leaf Print

And there is nothing simpler or extra entertaining than instructing a baby to attract autumn leaves. Not likely about drawing. For portray, crafts, drawing, applique and different artistic actions with youngsters, it’s best to make use of leaf prints.
You will want a number of totally different sheets and paints. Gouache paints are perfect for this. Along with this white sheet and the board on which we are going to draw, we may also want a white sheet on which we are going to draw.
As a background for the longer term portray we select a lightweight shade or a number of shades.

For the background, it’s higher to make use of watercolor, because it spreads properly. When mixing a number of colours, such paint creates easy transitions.
Now we anticipate the background to dry. And now we apply a thick layer of paint on one aspect of the sheet and put it on the paper till the sheet dries. This operation is repeated a number of instances, alternately portray the leaves in numerous colours.
In order for you a richer shade within the leaves, you possibly can hint the define of the leaves with black ink. It’s also possible to adorn the leaf with patterns or ornaments.

Metallic fall leaf

You can also make an unique image with black paint, a sheet and foil.
Place the foil on the sheet, fastidiously smoothing till the define and veins on the foil are in form. Then, on prime, we apply a darkish layer of paint. Additionally very superbly mixed silver, black and navy blue colours.
When the paint dries, use a metallic scraper to softly run it over the design and clear the veins from the paint. Fastidiously take away the sheet from underneath the foil, screw it onto the cardboard to dimension.