How to Draw Fish [5 Very Easy Steps]

Today I will show you how to draw fish step by step. World oceans have many kinds of fish: in freshwater, in seawater.

If you want to learn how to draw Fish in 2023, this is the guide for you!

There are none of them among them. It is known that today there are about 25,000 different species of fish in the world: from the smallest size of 7.9 mm to giant -13.7 meters. Fish lovers breed them at home and can enjoy the beauty, variety and observe the life of underwater inhabitants. And today we are going to draw a mischievous clownfish, yes exactly the one that was in the cartoon movie Finding Nemo.

How to Draw Fish steb by step

how to draw fish

How to draw fish step by step

Total Time: 10 minutes

Drawing a fish eye

how to draw fish step 1

On the left side of the leaf outline sharpened fish face and draw a smooth line upwards from it, and then downwards, depicting the back.
First we will take a hard pencil and draw a thin line. Consider what the mouth looks like in our drawing and try to draw the same. In doing so, the line of the mouth goes to the gills.

Fish Face

how to draw fish step 2

On the head, place a large fish eye, consisting of two circles. Make the gills of the fish more rounded.

Drawing a fish torso

how to draw fish step 3

The line of the abdomen: first slightly down, then up. From from the gills lead the line of the abdomen: first slightly down, then up. In order to get a line that is nearly symmetrical to the top, it is the back.

Add a side fin and shape it

how to draw fish step 4

Draw two small fins that are two large Fins: the lower and high, as well as 2 big fins: the low and high. Now continue to draw everything in a thin line, and then again with a thin line. Because the split tail and two small bottom fins are visible, let’s show them.

Draw lower and upper fins

how to draw fish step 5

Our fish is ready. If some lines did not turn out, you need to erase them. The resulting drawing can be given colors with colored pencils. Good luck with creativity! Write your comments below about this lesson.


  • Drawing paper


  • Black marker

Materials: Red and blue markers

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