Find out how to Draw Kakashi [9 Easy Steps]


Right this moment we’ll study how to attract Kakashi from Naruto. This is without doubt one of the hottest characters, so I made a decision to do that easy tutorial on him.

If you wish to discover ways to draw Kakashi in 2023, this information is for you!

How to Draw Kakashi

How to Draw Kakashi Step-by-Step

Total Time: 20 minutes

Beginning to draw the mask [How to Draw Kakashi]

So, we’re going to do a close-up portrait. as usual, and we’ll start with his mask that covers his face, so we just have to make kind of a shape that goes up down, so it’s like a barrel pointing up, goes over the bridge of his nose to his own side of his face, so we just go up that side first to the middle and then go down the other side, so we want to keep going down, and then his eye here and his other eye is closed, so we have his rim that goes down right here and his eye here, so we can just draw this shape first just so we know where to place it so at the top of his mask and we can do the side of his face just here and then the head man will come down and just come past the top of this section of his mouth covering and know there was a covering so it goes down that way. As far as that in there so then he has his eye just here so he has a pretty lazy looking eye if you know the character he kind of always looks like he’s really chilled and he kind of I was chilled about really so we can just make like a pretty straight line for the top of his own it just here just.

Drawing an eye [How to Draw Kakashi]

Like this, then he has a dark pupil right there, you draw a semi-circle and paint it black, like this, and of course here is the sharyngan, but you can’t see it because it’s covered, if you want to do another Kakashi with a gun and you can see the scar and everything else, I can do that too, let me know in the comments, and then we have the bottom pilots, just they are ready. The bottom pilots just they’re ready he has a little line just under there then he has an upper eyelid that just curves around like that and then we can see some of his eyebrow peeking down from under his head back but it’s just a thin line just like that and then we can see some of the other side of his eyebrow and the other side so close down that the spike comes back up like that.

Drawing an eye-patch [How to Draw Kakashi]

Now what we can do is finish his headband so it comes down from here, you’re just going to go back up to show the fold because it’s fabric and then it will come so that you come up and meet the spikes of his hair that are just serious, so come up right here, then we’ll do the other side so we come up here and it will curve up a little bit like this and it will come up there. And then we’ll bring it down here, so again curved lines one that way and then another that starts going down diagonally to the hair, so it meets here, so if you were doing pencil, you could continue and then erase that, because I use a marker, I’ll just add hair here, you’re going to do hair spikes just there and then.

Drawing hair [How to Draw Kakashi]

I’ll put them together here there’s another hair spike right here and then these hairs go around his head and kind of very long on this side so it’s like he’s a little fringe going down a very spiky kind of fringe here so reverse go here so it just goes up down about damn and then they start to go this way back to this side. Start getting bigger as well so be like shark fins like shark fins like this black like this all the way to the edge of my page like this and then this cut off like this I didn’t want to just go like this like this you see we go in our kind of radial pattern like this and then this goes down and connects with these so this is the kind of hairstyle you can do differently you can do more curved straight like you think.

Drawing a metal plate [How to Draw Kakashi]

It has a metal plate in the headband, so we’ll do that, so we’ll just draw a line across here they’re kind of rounded around the edges you see, so the circles down the line go down and stay agonal because its headband is sloped, and then this round continue to go back that way until there’s just another rectangle round edge you can see just a little line for the bottom of this just there thinking that’s kind of 3d shape, and then we have a spiral. So you start first just in the middle kind of curves around up that way and if you want, you can make two lines to make it kind of buffs and scratches in or you can just draw a simple line like this. you start first in the middle kind of curves around and if you want, you can make two lines to make it kind of buffs and scratches in or you can just draw a simple line like this that I think. It’s best to keep it simple like this, but if you’re looking for more detail you could make another line around not essential though we have these circles that show where the headband is attached metal plate attached to the head.

Doodle the bottom part of the head [How to Draw Kakashi]

Just draw a semi-oval. These will be his cheeks and chin.

Then we draw the neck [How to Draw Kakashi]

Draw straight lines from the cheeks – this will be the neck. Then behind the neck you need to add the ends of the hair. Draw them in the form of jagged lines.

Now let’s draw his vest [How to Draw Kakashi]

Draw the right collar vest.

Drawing the left side of the collar [How to Draw Kakashi]

Our Kakashi is ready, now we just have to paint the picture.