How to Draw Lips [2 Easy Ways for a Beginner]

In this lesson you will learn how to draw lips in two different ways. Both methods are the basics of drawing school for beginners and professionals.

If you want to learn how to draw Lips in 2023, this is the guide for you!

How to draw lips 2 ways:

The academic way to draw lips

How to Draw Lips

As an example of such an image of the lips by planes, you can learn to determine the proportional ratios and distribution of the light and shade pattern by their shape. And in any case, this is the base, the basis, on which in consequence, in one way or another, and maybe not without it, but necessarily based, always this understanding of the search for form helps.

Linear way to draw lips

How to Draw Lips

Linear way to draw lips

Total Time: 10 minutes

Step 1 – How to Draw Lips

How to Draw Lips

This is a method of drawing the shape of the lips with a constructive line. In this version, we don’t draw the planes, but only imply them.¬†

Step 2 – How to Draw Lips

How to Draw Lips

This is the sequence for drawing the lips. By lightly pressing the pencil, the location of the lips is outlined, taking into account proportional and perspective contractions. But in this case, we are talking about the point of view (head rotation), which is easily determined by the line of the mouth. After that, the lips can be outlined in the form of an arc. Then by auxiliary lines determine the general character of the mouth line.

Step 3 – How to Draw Lips

How to Draw Lips

Once the line of the mouth is outlined and the mouth cavity appears, then the next step is to find a line on the lips, which divides the head into symmetrical parts, naturally runs along the lips of the midline – the axis of symmetry.

Step 4 – How to Draw Lips

How to Draw Lips

They consist of halves, which are on the central axis. After that, in the three-quarter position, it is necessary to determine the middle of the lips with the help of the axis line. How accurately this line, the axis, is defined largely determines the correct representation of the lip shape on the sheet plane.

Step 5 – How to Draw Lips

How to Draw Lips

Regardless of the variety of forms, the structure of their structure has the same essence. In order not to make a mistake in the construction of the lips, you should pay attention to their relief and at the same time to the surrounding surfaces. The lips are closely related to the surrounding planes: the nasolabial surfaces, the lateral surface of the lower lip and the lateral planes on the cheeks.
Don’t forget that lip shapes, also including other parts of the head and face, are paired shapes. And if you want to get an image with maximum accuracy, you need to observe the paired structure of forms.¬†

Step 6 – How to Draw Lips

How to Draw Lips

Because of the fact that in the third quaternary turn you have to draw the near half of the lips, you should not forget about the far end – in the perspective contraction. In addition to the main circular muscles of the mouth, the paired, so-called square (circular) muscles are involved in the formation of the lower lip. To begin with, it is necessary to make the shape of the lower lip, for this you should start with these muscles.

Step 7 – How to Draw Lips

How to Draw Lips

Direct them with lines in the form of an oval, and, applying lines to the near half, specify the perspective. It is necessary to place them symmetrically, and the thickness of the oval muscle should not be too great. And do not forget to reduce the shape of the near part to match the character of the curved lips in perspective.


  • Pencil


  • Paper

Materials: Eraser

When considering the nasolabial region, watch the plasticity of the mouth corner forms. Approaching the lips to their corners, gradually expand, and the nasolabial fold from the inner surface of the cheek is slightly covered. All the details that are on the face are important in conveying the plasticity of the lower face.

In any case, the key to successful work lies in observation, drawing a large number of sketches-first by constructive planes to break up the form, then using the line, but with the knowledge of the case. The lips are one of the most interesting, but also the most complex element of the human head. The eyes are an expressive part of a person’s image, character, mood.