How to Draw Plaid [7 Easy Steps]

In this step-by-step lesson, you’ll learn how to draw plaid. This is a rather popular style of fabric tartan, which resembles Scottish kilts.

How to Draw Plaid step-by-step

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How to Draw Plaid

Total Time: 10 minutes

Step 1 [How to Draw Plaid]

How to Draw Plaid

This representation of fabrics is divided into many straight lines and geometric shapes, so we will look at these elements individually in this tutorial. How to Draw a Plaid? Our tutorial shows three vertical lines that you can draw to begin this process. There is a very small curve that will be vital to creating the rest of the pattern later.And now that you have drawn these lines, we move on to step 2!

Step 2

How to Draw Plaid

Your second plaid pattern should be simple, as you will continue from the same first step.Now you need to repeat exactly what you did from the first step. That is all you need to do. You can draw three evenly spaced slightly curved lines next to the first three lines.Now we just need to go through this step and you can move on!

Step 3 [How to Draw Plaid]

How to Draw Plaid

In the next step of our work, in which we will draw the plaid, we will make more vertical lines for the pattern.Still, they may be a little different, since you will now draw the lines the same way you did in the previous steps.With this step, you can draw a horizontal line next to every other line from the previous steps. Don’t forget that this tutorial is a template to follow as you go along.

Step 4

How to Draw Plaid

When you drew a lot of vertical lines for your plaid drawing, you had to change it a few times by drawing some horizontal lines.This line is a copy of the first line in the drawing. Only from the side, as you would expect.They will be a little farther apart than the horizontal lines. This is because the curve of these horizontal lines will be slightly more curved than the vertical lines.This way will help show what the fabric looks like for the final plaid trim.

Step 5 [How to Draw Plaid]

How to Draw Plaid

That said, you can color your pictures very quickly and we can add some final details in the next step of our plaid drawing guide.This step will help you draw another horizontal line next to each of the lines you drew in the previous steps to help create the plaid pattern.This section of the guide is complete, but you can add any other details before moving on! If you want to change the line, you can change it slightly or lengthen the lines to change the pattern slightly. When you like to draw, you can draw some objects or create some clothes that you could put this checkered pattern on. What creativity can you use to further personalize this plaid pattern of yours?

Step 6

How to Draw Plaid

Usually plaids have certain colors – red and green. Today there are many complementary and creative colors.Take this approach for our image in which we used a combination of pink and purple on our pattern.This particular pattern is perfect for getting creative with your favorite colors to end up with a stunning design! When creating additional elements, such as an item or garment, part of which will be plaid, etc. etc.You can use some additional colors.In fact, choosing colors for your holiday party is only part of the fun! You can have more fun if you decide to use artistic means. Depending on what you need and how you want to make that design. You can achieve it even more effectively with the tools you choose.

Step 7 [How to Draw Plaid]

How to Draw Plaid

When many people think of plaid, they may think of the traditional colors of red and blue. Good for plaids, but that’s not the only color combination you can choose. If you like some colors, you can use them for the pattern. Don’t forget to modify it with different art tools and mediums to achieve your desired patterns, colors.


  • Drawing paper


  • Markers

Materials: Pencil and eraser

The results of drawing the plaid

You have come to the end of this detailed guide on how to draw plaid. This picture of a garment has become used by all countries. While it may look simple, drawing it will be harder than expected. We hope that with this guide, you will find drawing this iconic design not only easier than you expected! The guide also offers a framework on which you can expand on your own designs. There are many ways you can do this, from using item designs and clothing designs to slightly altering the appearance.