The best way to Draw Thanksgiving [10 Easy Doodles]

On this Thanksgiving lesson, you will be taught how to attract Thanksgiving in ten easy and enjoyable doodles. So let’s have fun the vacation by drawing its major symbols!

The best way to Draw Thanksgiving – 10 Doodles

How to Draw Thanksgiving 10

How to Draw Thanksgiving step by step

Total Time: 15 minutes

Doodle 1 [How to Draw Thanksgiving]

How to Draw Thanksgiving 1

Next, what is Thanksgiving without a soccer, draw a standard soccer shape, making sure it is big enough to add some detail inside on the ends, we will draw a couple sets of curved lines for white stripes for proper perspective, we will curve each set of lines to the end of the soccer they are closest to, so for this second set the lines will curve to the lower left end here, now add some stitch marks in the center, but leave some space in the middle so you can add a string.

Doodle 2 [How to Draw Thanksgiving]

How to Draw Thanksgiving 2

How about trying a cornucopia, start with a small curve like C, and draw a little bigger C to the right of it, then add some more C that gradually increase in size Okay, at this point we want to create an opening of our cornucopia by drawing the curve C a little further. Now we can fill it with whatever we want, like a little pumpkin, apples, grapes, wheat, I like to overlap elements and make them flow over each other to make things look more interesting.

Doodle 3 [How to Draw Thanksgiving]

How to Draw Thanksgiving 3

Let’s continue the theme of food and draw some ears of corn in the shape of a U with the ends swollen, then draw curves from each end down to the center – this is the husk, the corn itself is a slight curve that sits on top of the husk, and the grains can be drawn simply with a set of wavy lines, as shown below.

Doodle 4 [How to Draw Thanksgiving]

How to Draw Thanksgiving 4

Let’s start with a basic fruitcake by drawing a soccer ball shape for the crust-a simple wavy line across the bottom edge. Add two lines under the crust, making sure they match the left and right corners of the soccer shape, then connect them with a curved line at the bottom. We’ll finish this pattern by adding three vents using the main drops at the top.u003cbru003eNow, how about a batch of whipped cream right in the center, the shape can be anything, in fact, I’ll add a flow and line shape with a few curved stamps here.u003cbru003eLet’s draw the pan the same way we did on our fruitcake, but this time add lines to give the pan wavy edges to complete our pie drawings, we’ll draw a piece of pumpkin pie, starting with a piece of whipped cream, then add a triangle around it with a curved edge at the top, like here, draw two lines down from the ends here and connect them with a straight line at the bottom, finally the crust, okay, let’s complete our pie drawings by adding a thicker outline.

Doodle 5 [How to Draw Thanksgiving]

How to Draw Thanksgiving 5

Let’s start by drawing the turkey’s head, starting at the bottom, then as we move toward the top we can draw a heart-like shape to represent a pair of feathers. Then we’ll add simple elongated wings on each side like this to complete the body of the turkey We’ll add tiny little W’s for the legs. Now some simple features for the face of our turkey.u003cbru003eOne of the easiest ways to make your character doodles cute is to widen the eyes, so let’s draw them closer to the sides of the face, when you fill them in remember to leave a small circle in each one blank draw a small circle in each one blank this will make them look nice and shiny for the beak draw a small pointing down triangle just below and between the eyes.u003cbru003eThen we can draw a fleshy skin hanging off the beak on the right side a bit like a blob.Now let’s give our turkey a big ostentatious set of tail feathers draw a line on one side then curve it at the end we will continue making curves all the way up and down the other side before drawing a straight line back into the turkey right, just down here, once this is done we can separate our feathers by drawing lines from each inside point of these curves back to the center of the turkey. Using the curves on the ends as a guide, let’s do this by following the curves as you draw two more lines closer to the outer edges of each feather of the foreigner to finish our turkey, let’s use a thicker marker to draw a line along the outside of the entire turkey drawing, this extra line weight gives our drawing style and really helps to shape it.

Doodle 6 [How to Draw Thanksgiving]

How to Draw Thanksgiving 6

Foreign pumpkins are another centerpiece of the fall season and we can make it pretty easy, let’s start by drawing a tall oval shape, this shape will be our guide for the rest of the pumpkin, now we will add a partial oval on the side here, starting from the top of the oval and following its curve around to the bottom, repeat this on the other side. u003cbru003eThen we’ll add two more slightly shorter curves in the same way to complete our basic pumpkin shape, to give the pumpkin perspective, we can add small curves on top to show the ribs of the pumpkin on the back, and finally the curly stalk, if you like you can draw some traces on the stalk for texture, and as our turkey, we finish this. Let’s circle the whole drawing with a thicker marker, maybe add a couple of wavy lines for the vine, speaking of pumpkins, how about some pie drawings.

Doodle 7 [How to Draw Thanksgiving

How to Draw Thanksgiving 7

Let’s draw a couple loaves of bread draw an incomplete oval with an open space at the top then connect the open ends with this wavy line here now draw a curved line at the top of each hole here to finish the first loaf the second loaf will sit under the first and it will just be a half oval with a couple small ovals inside a few lines steam above ours. If food is as big a part of your Thanksgiving as mine is, they are sure to satisfy your craving for delicious holiday doodles.

Doodle 8 [How to Draw Thanksgiving]

How to Draw Thanksgiving 8

The sunflower is a very simple drawing that will add happiness to any set of thank-yous, so let’s draw it, starting with a good-sized circle. the pedals are just a series of curved V shapes, and I like to keep them short and squinty as I draw them all around the circle.

Doodle 9 [How to Draw Thanksgiving]

How to Draw Thanksgiving 9

Let’s go back to the food and draw the ham Draw an oval shape for the cut end of the ham, then draw the body of the ham, starting at the top, going out and coming back to the bottom of the oval.u003cbru003eThen we can draw cut marks on the meat, following the curves of the ham, extraneous marks inside the oval here on the cut side can add a nice texture to the meat.

Doodle 10 [How to Draw Thanksgiving]

How to Draw Thanksgiving 10

Now how about a very simple leaf drawing, start with a simple line for the base and then with two quick strokes outline the body like this, draw some quick lines from the middle of the base for the veins, and that’s all it takes to finish our Thanksgiving drawing set.u003cbru003e


  • Drawing papern


  • Black markern

Materials: Eraser

I hope you all have a really completely happy Thanksgiving, making fantastic new reminiscences with household and family members.