The way to Draw X in Field [Very Easy 8 Steps]

On this lesson you’ll study how to attract x in field with out taking your hand off the drawing and with out drawing the road twice with a pen.

If you wish to learn to draw X in Field in 2023, that is the information for you!

how to draw x in box

Many individuals declare that this riddle can’t be solved, however I’ll show to you that it isn’t. To be able to draw X in field, all you need to do is suppose creatively. Such riddles are very helpful for growing artistic considering.

How to Draw X in Box

Total Time: 5 minutes

Step 1 – How to Draw X in Box

how to draw x in box

Take a notebook. Fold the corner of one of the pages so that you have a triangle. The preparations are complete. Next, let’s start drawing our square with a cross inside.

Step 2

how to draw x in box

Start drawing a line from the top of the notebook, then to the top of the triangle and then to the right end of the notebook.

Step 3 – How to Draw X in Box

how to draw x in box

Now lead the line up to the end, and then turn around 45 degrees and divide our triangle with the line (bisect the line).

Step 4

how to draw x in box

It’s time for magic! We leave our pen on top of the triangle and unscrew the paper triangle. We end up with two lines drawn on the page, and our pen is just between those lines.

Step 5 – How to Draw X in Box

how to draw x in box

Draw a line back to the corner of the notebook. We have divided the square in half.

Step 6

how to draw x in box

The next line we drop down.

Step 7 – How to Draw X in Box

how to draw x in box

And again we divide the corner with a line of 45 degrees. As a result, we get a cross in the middle of the square.

Step 8

how to draw x in box

And now close the lid of our square by drawing a line from the top. That’s it. We drew a quadrant with an X inside and never crossed the line twice or took our hands off while drawing.


  • White paper and pen.


  • White paper and pen.

Materials: White paper and pen.

You can even watch the method on video

Why accomplish that many individuals say you’ll be able to’t draw an X in field?

To have the ability to draw the determine in a single stroke, it’s essential to method every intersection level with a stylus. Sure, so that you method it with a stylus after which transfer away from it. Sure, on the opposite line, should you method it a second time, you need to step again once more. In case you come right here a second time, you’ve got nowhere to go and also you’re breaking the foundations. If the puzzle is greater than two factors through which the odd variety of strains is greater than two to illustrate 3 to some extent then it’s not solvable.

However, it’s unsolvable solely at first look. You shouldn’t create sure limits for your self, attempt to search for an unconventional approach out of the state of affairs. Immediately’s lesson was one of many options. Attempt to give you your individual approach, your individual resolution to this puzzle.