Learn how to Make a Rocket Ship [7 Easy Steps]

On this lesson you’ll discover ways to make a rocket ship of improvised means in 7 easy steps. The rocket flies very excessive. Let’s go!

Many younger technicians are fascinated by the development and launching of rockets. However to launch rockets, explosives are used. Subsequently, it’s best for rocket modeling fanatics to make their fashions within the golf equipment on the younger technicians’ stations or within the faculty membership, which is led by a physics instructor.

The precept of launching a rocket is as follows: a paper sleeve with a streamlined softwood head takes off as a result of explosion of a flamable combination in an engine. The engine is a paper cup stuffed with an explosive combination, and the combination is ignited by an incandescent wire fabricated from nichrome or nickel.

Two batteries from a pocket lamp present {the electrical} power for the incandescence. An strange gentle change or only a button from an electrical bell is used to shut the incandescent circuit. To make the rocket rise in a given path, 4 wire guides are mounted on a wood pad. To launch the mannequin rocket, purchase the next substances: 1) potassium nitrate; 2) sulfur – a yellow powder; 3) activated charcoal. When making a rocket, we advise to stay to a sure plan.

Learn how to Make a Rocket Ship [Step-by-step instructions]

how to make a rocket ship

How to Make a Rocket Ship step-by-step

Total Time: 1 hour

Step 1 [How to Make a Rocket Ship]

how to make a rocket ship

Make two tubes from the drawing tracing paper by winding a strip of tracing paper with glue on a round stick with a diameter of 6-8 mm. Prepare two tubes: one for the engine (shorter) and the other for the rocket (longer). The rocket tube should be easy to put on the engine tube. When the tubes are dry, remove them from the sticks, check if the tube is tightly worn on the rocket engine. Make the top of the rocket from light wood in the form of a cone.

Step 2

how to make a rocket ship

Prepare the motor. Insert two wooden bosses into the motor tube: one at the bottom and one at the top. Take the dimensions of the bosses from the drawing.

Step 3 [How to Make a Rocket Ship]

how to make a rocket ship

Prepare fuel, for which weighed saltpeter – 88 g, sulfur – 6 g, charcoal – 16 g. All these substances in bags are preliminarily well prepared. All these substances in bags pre-dry well on a hot radiator. After drying, carefully grind each reagent separately in a porcelain mortar, and then mix all three components, so that a homogeneous mixture of dark grey color is obtained.

Step 4

how to make a rocket ship

Press the prepared mixture into the motor tube. Press in the device shown in the figure. Fill with mix to leave room for gluing lower wooden boss with hole – nozzle (diameter 2,5 – 3 mm).u003cbru003e

Step 5 [How to Make a Rocket Ship]

how to make a rocket ship

After inserting the lower boss with a hole in the engine tube, drill a shallow hole in the pressed mixture with a drill bit (diameter 2,5-3 mm).

Step 6

how to make a rocket ship

In the hole in the bottom boss insert the nichrome igniter spiral with a diameter of 0.1 mm, the ends of which are connected to two thin insulated wires ignition. Connect the two ends of the leads to the battery poles through a switch.

Step 7 [How to Make a Rocket Ship]

how to make a rocket ship

Now make the starting platform. This is assembled from a board and four guide wires according to the illustration. Place the model on this platform and connect the fuse to the battery and to the switch. Turn on the current – the fuse will ignite the fuel and the rocket, separated from the engine, will fly upwards.


  • Rocket fuelnCardboardn


  • Metal partsnElectric batteries n

Materials: Wooden materialsnAdhesive

how to make a rocket ship Schematic
Schematic of a rocket

Step by Step Video Directions


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