How to Make Explosion Gift Box [7 Great DIY]

In this article we have collected the best tutorials on how to make explosion gift box. You’re sure to find a box you like.

Explosion Gift Box For any Holiday

Simple Explosion Gift Box

explosion gift box

When you open a box with an exploding gift box, it is a paper box that “explodes” when you open it. When you open it, the sides fall down. It usually means little notes or wishes, usually opening small pictures and wishes. Some people have asked me to make a tutorial on exploding boxes because they seem complicated and good news! Oh, and in general, it’s easy.

Depending on the shape, size, and style of blast, blast boxes can be very different. If you want to make something, I have another great themed blast box. Today I want to tell you about a basic guide and template for an exploding box card that you can use to make lots of different types.

A DIY Wedding Explosion Gift Box

explosion gift box

You can make your own explosion box as a wedding decoration. The explosion box is filled with surprises, which are revealed in the opening of the box. This card can be used as a menucard, small presents with poems, messages, placecards with a song. On its surface, it is cut from recycled card. It can be filled with decorations made of lace patterned paper, glitter design paper etc.

Explosion Gift Box to a loved one

Heart Explosion Gift Box

explosion gift box

I love the fact that this heart explosion box template is so easy to use and it is also flexible. It is possible to change the theme of the box just by switching up the cardstock.  Whatever the occasion, Valentines Day or graduation, this explosion box is so easy to change and make it one of my go-to gifts for give. 

The best thing about my explosion box template is its only made of paper and glue. Another favorite way to make explosion boxes is to use coordinating cardstock, especially pads of coordinating cardstock, especially ones like this double-sided stack. In addition, you can make them with just solid colors, and I’ll show each of them up close later to help decide what one you like best before picking your paper.

Explosion Love Box Gift Card

Explosion Gift Box 6

Making a memory exploding box card for your boyfriend / girlfriend. In order to surprise your loved ones on the occasion of their birthday or anniversary, you can use this Picture Gift Box full of pictures and memories that pop up when you take the lid off.

You can customize this exploding box any way you want. This is a do-it-self craft, so it is possible to customise the exploding box in any way that you like. For example, you can try to add rubber stamped tags with an special message, attaching decorative embellishments, adding keepsakes and pictures or mementos. Or any other thing that is possible for your own personal use. A gift can be placed in the center of a box, or make an ordinary small gift box and attach it to your special present.

Explosion Gift Box for Kids

Kids explosion gift box with sweets

explosion gift box

Although I had just posted a short video on Insta, I only showed it. At the moment, you saw an explosion box that I made for my son’s birthday. Everyone’s feedback was overwhelming! For some reason, the first requests for instructions I have still put off, but after the drölfzigste question was certain that it is time to write you there what. This is the tutorial for an explosion box with sweets. Wonderful for children or for the best friend, mom and boyfriend, husband, mailman. For parents, friends of your family are perfectly good to surprise “sweet”.

Make a Hexagonal Explosion Gift Box (and add Chocolate!)

explosion gift box

And I’m not the first person to create a hexagonal explosive box, or fill it with chocolates – in fact, this project was suggested by some people. (I do not know where to find the source of the original video, but if you have any idea what it is, please drop me a line so I can link to you!) In fact, these files are not available for cutting machines anywhere else…and I thought that – with Easter coming up – I will offer them to you for free. For this weekend, they will only be free for a short time.

So make sure you grab the files before it is available – in fact, this box full of sweet treats would find many happy recipients for birthdays, Christmas or anything else that demands filling your face with chocolate!

Explosion Box with photos

explosion gift box

Tomorrow, I’ll show you how to make an explosion box: a unique gift that bursts open with photos and memories as soon as you open it.
A gift idea for family members is always an appealing one, and I’m constantly looking for unique ideas.  It is always felt like I’m trying to find the perfect gift for that person who has everything.