How to Make Simple Dimple (DIY Easy 6 Steps)

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Relaxing toys have become very popular lately. Today you will learn how to make simple dimple, a relaxing toy that has taken over the whole internet.

Try doing Simple Dimple, it’s easy!

How to make Simple Dimple

  • Two circles will need to be cut out of plain colored paper.
  • These circles should be taped on both sides with duct tape.
  • Then cut a radius on the circles, make a low cone, glue the cut point with superglue.
  • Then make holes on the cardboard with a diameter equal to the base of the cone.
  • We will need two of these boxes.
  • Then glue the cones with cardboard tape on both sides.
  • It remains to glue another cardboard on top.

Step 1. How to make Simple Dimple

You can make “Simple Dimple” with your own hands following a simple instruction – you need white thick paper, tape, a pencil, a compass, scissors, glue and colored markers.

Take a small piece of white paper, draw equal circles of 2-2,5 centimeters radius each on it with a compass.

How to Make Simple Dimple

Step 2. How to make Simple Dimple

Then paint them beautifully and brightly, giving them many different shades – draw the eyes, nose and hands with a black marker, brown the cheeks red, and white marker paint the bubbles, imitating the starry sky. Tape the ruffles on both sides with a wide piece of tape and carefully cut out the circles.

How to Make Simple Dimple

Step 3. How to make Simple Dimple

Each piece should be cut in the center and, laying one edge slightly on top of the other, glue with transparent tape on both sides and the bumps are ready.

How to Make Simple Dimple

If you want to make more bumps, respectively, and more circles will need to be drawn and can be different sizes.

To make a frame for the bumps, take a white thick sheet of paper and fold it in two. Place a bump on the paper, leaving a small distance from the edge, trace it with a pencil. Place the second one next to it and trace it too.

How to Make Simple Dimple

Step 4. How to make Simple Dimple

Then draw two circles on your own, about one centimeter back from them. In general, the figure will resemble the number eight, as in the illustration.

How to Make Simple Dimple

Step 5. How to make a Simple Dimple

Cut out the outline, obtaining two identical blanks.

Frame, if desired, you can make round, square or any other shape, as well as use ready-made templates.

The oval of one workpiece painted in black and white marker, paint as circles. After drying, tape on top of only one side of the piece and set aside as in the picture.

How to Make Simple Dimple

Step 6. How to make a Simple Dimple

The second piece can be painted black completely, painting only the edge. Connect the two parts, gluing them in the middle. Glue also scotch on top and trim off the excess at the edges. Then cut out the white circles, and the frame is ready. Put the circles to the hole and glue with small pieces of scotch tape on both sides, and the “simplele dimple” is ready.

How to Make Simple Dimple

How to make Pop it

It’s as easy to make a pop it with your own hands as it is to make a Simple Dimple.

  1. You need to cut out circles of the same color from colored paper of the same diameter.
  2. Now we are going to staple the circles together on both sides and make a notch so that you can roll the circles so that you get a cone.
  3. Make a small cone and glue the cut spot.
  4. Now let’s drill holes in the cardboard with the right diameter.
  5. You can attach the cone to the diameter of the base of the cone and put it back on the cardboard.
  6. Glue the cones to the cardboard on both sides with scotch tape.