Find out how to Sew a 3D Face Masks (5 Straightforward Steps)

Today I wanted to share my look at 3d face masks now these masks are super quick and easy to make, but most of all I find them they are pretty comfortable to wear so you can see that they give good coverage over your nose and chin and you have enough room in the front so you don’t feel like you can’t breathe. Let’s get started!

How to make a 3D face mask

This is a two layer fabric face mask and i recommend you use only 100 quilting cotton to make these masks.
you can either use the same fabric for both the outside and the inside of your face mask just as i did for this one or you can use two different fabrics one for the outside one for the inside.

Materials you will need for your face mask

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Step 1

Okay, so put your two quilted cotton pieces on your cutting mat I like to line them up with lines on my mat as it helps with my cutting and what we need to do now is cut little triangle corners on each side of the face mask and we cut two inch triangles here so cutting mat is really great for this that we don’t need to do any markings because the markings are already there.

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Two inch mark here join these with my ruler and cut because you see and i’m doing both layers at once as it saves on my work now of course if you were making more masks at once you can totally stack up more fabrics and do this step again we are going to cut out the corner here so find two inch mark right here join these and cut and doing the same right here one two inch mark two inch mark and just make sure you cut you measure well.

So you don’t cut your fabric wrong because that wouldn’t be good all right so this is what our panels look like both the inside of the mask and the outside of the face mask.

Step 2

Now place your panels right sides together like that match up all the edges and use a few pins to hold the layers. Go to your sewing machine and stitch all the way around pivoting when you get to the corners here all the way around leaving about a three inch opening in the bottom seam back stitching at the beginning and at end and also make sure you use a quarter inch seam allowance.

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step 3

Open your face mask reach inside and turn it right side out like so now i’m going to place my finger inside the mask and go from the inside just go along the seams kind of pushing them out neatly like so make sure everything is nice and pointy and this way it also helps your seam stay nice and flat go smooth it out like that now take your face mask to your ironing board and press really well using hot iron and steam.

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Step 4

Okay i top stitched my face mask along the bottom seam and the top seam and i then took it to my ironing board placed it right side down and folded the top edge by one and three quarter inches pressed it and folded the bottom edge up by one and three quarter inches and pressed it as well make sure to use steam and a hot iron set on cotton setting so you get nice and crisp edges and now i’m going to top stitch along these folded edges using 1,8 inch seam allowance back stitching at the beginning and end.

step 5

Now it’s time to add our elastic for ear loops so what i’m going to do is place it right here on the edge and fold it over by about 3,8 inch seam allowance as you can see place the elastic inside it has enough room in there that it can move and i’ll just use a pin right here to hold this edge in place while i’m sewing and again use 1,8 inch seam allowance to stitch this little elastic fold over and back stitch at the beginning and end.

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Here is my one elastic and i will add the other one using exactly the same instructions just fold it over right here i’ll pin it to hold the bottom edge in place and i’ll stitch using 1,8 inch seam allowance now i finished these little channels for my elastic as you can see right here and all we need to do is just stitch the elastic together so it forms loops for the ears and we’ll be all finished.


And now the super magic part turn it right side down open these flaps and fold your mask in half like that while pulling the flaps out this will be your top flap bottom flap right here pull it like that on both sides line it up neatly like so now i like to take my face mask to a pressing board and just give it a good press so these top top and bottom flaps stay out nicely and you’re all finished here’s your face mask i hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial.

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