Decoupage technique. Vintage

Decoupage technique vintage
Bullfinch from the Curonian Spit. Vintage decoupage.

Decoupage technique is a type of decoration by transferring an image on the surface of an object. The classic technique of decoupage is very simple. The picture is printed on a napkin. The napkin is attached to the object and varnished. The napkin becomes transparent, and the drawing is as if it were drawn on the object. But I’ll tell you about my decoupage technique. It’s a little bit more complicated than the classic technique. But the picture looks more realistic.

Decoupage technique

I use this technique to create gift vintage stones for sale on Etsy. I collect pebbles on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

Decoupage technique
Drawing “Fringilla Ornithological Station. Curonian Spit”.

What is required for decoupage technique:

1) Flat rock
2) Printed picture on coated paper (LASER PRINTER ONLY)
3) Glossy acrylic varnish
4) Brush

IMG 20210131 154520 scaled
Vintage decoupage

The sequence of steps in my decoupage technique:

1) Cover the stone with a layer of varnish. We wait until it dries.
2) Cover the stone with the second coat. Varnish the printout with a pattern. We put it on each other. Firmly press. Set aside to dry for 12 hours.
3) Rinse the layer of paper from the stone under warm water. I put the stone in a pile of water and wait for the paper to dissolve.
4) When the paper is completely removed from the stone coat – Lacquering.

That’s it! Such an easy decoupage technique.
Then I decorate the stone with acrylic paints and varnish it again. Such vintage work can be sold on Etsy.