(9 Playing cards) Handmade RETRO Scrapbook

Vibrant funky colours, daring designs, groovy lettering—what’s to not love about retro? The whole lot outdated is new once more—whether or not it’s the hip sophistication of the Nineteen Forties, the lounge-chic really feel of the 50s, or the free and free kinds of the 60s and 70s. And making playing cards, celebration favors and scrapbook pages with that retro attraction has by no means been simpler.

Share the retro enjoyable with the groovy gals and guys in your life by creating these all-occasion playing cards. There’s one thing on this part for you, whether or not you’re in search of a fast card with a wonderful 50s look or an important day card on your favourite flower baby. And don’t neglect to say thanks (or “Thanks-A-Lava”) with a card. Simply seal with a kiss and ship it on its approach.

If you wish to make a retro card in 2023, that is the information for you!


  1. Trim a chunk of white cardstock to 51⁄2″ x 81⁄2″
    (14cm x 22cm). Fold to make a 51⁄2″ x 41⁄4″ (14cm x 11cm) card.

2. Stamp one boomerang in lilac
vertically on the high of the cardboard,
and stamp one boomerang in
yellow-green horizontally on the
backside left of the cardboard. Each
shapes ought to run barely off the
edges of the cardboard.

3. Stamp the pool form in orange on the backside proper of the cardboard,
overlapping the yellow-green
form. The pool form ought to run
off of the sting of the cardboard.

4. Utilizing black ink, stamp the kitty
excessive of the orange pool
form, and stamp “Kiss Me!”
barely over the lilac boomerang
form. Give kitty a crown utilizing
the crown stamp and the pink
ink pad.

5. Lastly, randomly stamp three retro
stars with brown ink.


  1. Trim a chunk of white cardstock to 71 ⁄2″ x 85 ⁄8″ (19cm x 22cm) and fold to make a 33 ⁄4″ x 85⁄8″
    (10cm x 22cm) card. Stamp
    down the size of the cardboard
    about 1″ (3cm) from the correct
    edge 4 instances with the palette
    stamp. Alternate between yellow
    and lightweight inexperienced inks, and range
    the angle of the photographs barely.
    (The photographs on both finish
    ought to run off of the cardboard.)

2. Utilizing brown ink, stamp the
bollio stamp down the middle
of the palette photographs, turning
the stamp the wrong way up when
repeating the picture.


  1. Trim a chunk of white cardstock to 71⁄2″ x 85⁄8″ (19cm x 22cm) and fold to make a 33⁄4″ x 85⁄8″ (10cm x
    22cm) card. Trim a chunk of the black shiny cardstock to 33⁄4″ x 11⁄2″ (10cm x 4cm). Stamp over the black piece with the block stamp and the black ink pad. You’ll need to stamp the picture twice to fill the paper.

2. Sprinkle on the glittery embossing powder, faucet off the surplus and warmth to soften with a warmth gun. Adhere the embossed piece to the entrance of the cardboard, centered horizontally, and 21⁄4″ (6cm) from the highest, utilizing doublesided tape.

3. Randomly stamp a separate piece of white cardstock with the numerous
circle and flower stamps and the
coloured chalk ink pads, overlapping
a few of the photographs. Let the ink dry.

4. Stamp over the coloured photographs
with the block stamp in black ink.
Sprinkle on black embossing powder
and warmth to soften with the warmth gun.

5. Trim the paper to the dimensions of the
embossed picture and tape it to the
entrance of the cardboard, centering it on the
black band.


  1. Trim a chunk of the pale orange
    cardstock to 51⁄2″ x 11″ (14cm x
    28cm) and fold to make a 51⁄2″
    (14cm) sq. card. Trim a chunk of rectangle paper to 51⁄4″ (13cm) sq. and dip the perimeters into the tangerine ink pad. Utilizing glue stick, adhere the
    paper to the entrance of the cardboard.
  2. Stamp kitty in charcoal ink onto the pink star paper. Dip the perimeters of the paper into the tangerine ink pad. Layer the stamped kitty onto the correct facet of the cardboard, utilizing glue stick.

3. Give her collar a little bit of sparkle withsome craft glue and orange glitter. Glue an orange rhinestone to the collar as nicely.

4. Print “You’re the Hip-est of Cats” within the Doorkeeper font onto orange
vellum. Trim the textual content to three” x 11⁄2″
(8cm x 4cm) and, with vellum tape,
layer it onto the underside left of the
card. Utilizing craft glue, add an orange rhinestone to every nook of
the vellum to complete.


  1. Utilizing the paintbrush, paint the
    wood flower pink, let dry and
    then add a little bit of pink paint to the
    edges for an aged look. Set the
    flower apart to dry.
  2. Trim a chunk of coral cardstock to 10″ x 7″ (25cm x 18cm) and fold to make a 5″ x 7″ (13cm x 18cm) card. Reduce scrapbook papers into strips of various widths and use glue stick to stick them to the entrance of the cardboard, within the following order (backside to high): picture daisies, cherry blossom, brush strokes and flowers on white.

3. Print “Peace Love Flowers” on a
transparency in a red-orange ink
colour. Trim to the width of the
flowers on white strip and safe
to the cardboard with pink and orange
brads. Use a T-pin or needle device
to create the holes first.

4. Reduce out a flower form, comparable
to the wood flower, from the
paisley paper. Reduce a smaller
flower from the pink floral paper.
Glue the small flower to the
middle of the big paisley flower
and, utilizing orange embroidery
floss, sew the recent pink button in
the middle.

5. Glue the wood flower to the left facet of the cardboard utilizing craft glue.
Layer the paper flowers on high of
the wood flower with craft glue
to complete.


  1. Trim a chunk of watermelon
    cardstock to six” x 12″ (15cm x
    30cm). Create a gatefold
    card by folding within the card at
    31⁄2″ (9cm) on both finish of the
    cardstock. Trim a chunk of
    each the orange cardstock and
    patterned paper to 57⁄8″ x 27⁄8″
    (15cm x 7cm). Dip the perimeters
    of each items into the
    watermelon chalk ink pad.
    Utilizing glue stick, adhere the
    orange piece to the entrance proper
    flap and the patterned paper
    to the entrance left flap.
  2. Reduce out a lamp base from the pink cardstock and a lamp from the scrapbook paper, utilizing the sample. Dip the perimeters of the lamp into the watermelon ink pad. Glue the items of the lamp to the middle of the orange cardstock.

3. From a scrap of patterned
paper, punch a number of circles of
colour, utilizing the 2 circle
punches. Alternating 1⁄4″ (6mm)
circles and 1⁄2″ (1cm) circles,
glue the “bubbles” in two rows
up both facet of the lamp. You
might want to dip the orangecolored circles into the ink pad
first, to offer extra distinction
in opposition to the orange cardstock.

4. Print “thanks a” and “Lava!”
onto watermelon cardstock,
within the Charade font. Trim
the items to suit the cardboard,
and around the corners utilizing
scissors or a nook rounder
punch. Adhere the “thanks a”
piece to the left flap at an
angle, and the “Lava!” piece
to the correct flap on the reverse


  1. Trim a chunk of white
    cardstock to 51⁄2″ x 11″
    (14cm x 28cm) and fold
    to make a 51⁄2″ (14cm)
    sq. card. Trim a
    second piece of white
    cardstock to 51⁄2″ x 31⁄4″
    (14cm x 8cm). On the
    entrance of the folded card,
    stamp the Hawaiian print
    stamp in brown ink. Stamp
    alongside the folded edge and
    the alternative edge.
  2. Within the middle of the smaller piece of white cardstock, stamp a row of the 4 Tiki idol photographs, utilizing brown ink. To create a masks to guard the photographs, stamp them once more, in the identical order and the identical spacing, on a chunk of scrap paper. Reduce out the photographs with scissors, leaving the idols related on the high, to make issues simpler.

3. Set the masks over the
beforehand stamped Tiki
idols on the white
cardstock. Ink up the palm
tree stamp with khaki ink
and stamp repeatedly over
the white cardstock to fill
in the entire white area.
Maintain the masks with one
hand as you stamp.

4. Take away and discard the
masks. Utilizing double-sided
tape, adhere the idol and
palm bushes piece to the
middle of the cardboard. The
fold ought to be on the high
of the cardboard.


  1. On a chunk of aqua pearl
    cardstock, print “Have a Cool
    Christmas!” within the Fontdinerdotcom font. Trim the piece in order that the textual content is on the backside and the completed dimension is 31⁄2″ x 5″ (9cm x 13cm). Around the corners of the piece, utilizing scissors or a nook rounder punch.
  2. Utilizing glue stick, adhere the textual content piece to the textured turquoise cardstock. Trim, leaving 3⁄16″ (5mm) of the turquoise cardstock on all sides (completed dimension shall be 37⁄8″ x 53⁄8″ [10cm x 14cm]). Trim the silver cardstock to six” x 81⁄2″ (15cm x 22cm) and fold to make a 6″ x 41⁄4″ (15cm x 11cm) card. Adhere the layered items to the entrance of the silver card, utilizing craft glue.

3. To make the tree, reduce silver pipe
cleaners into graduated lengths.
Twist the center of every row of
branches round a chunk that may
function the trunk. The trunk right here is 4″ (10cm) lengthy, and the horizontal department rows are 3″, 21⁄2″, 21⁄4″, 13⁄4″ and 1″ (8cm, 6cm, 5.5cm, 4cm and 3cm).

4. Place a dab of craft glue onto the
ends of the branches and slide on
the beads. Glue the tree to the
entrance of the cardboard, centered above
the textual content, utilizing craft glue.

VALENTINE KITTY playing cards

  1. Trim a chunk of pink cardstock to 81⁄2″ x 71⁄2″ (22cm x 19cm) and fold to make a 81⁄2″ x 33⁄4″ (22cm x 10cm) card. Trim a chunk of white cardstock to 31⁄4″ x 6″ (8cm x 15cm).
  2. Utilizing magenta ink, stamp the guts as soon as on the high left of the white cardstock. Stamp the guts once more in peach ink on the middle proper of the cardstock, simply overlapping the purpose of the magenta coronary heart.

3. Stamp “Joyful Valentine’s Day” within the middle of the white cardstock, utilizing black ink. Stamp the kitty on the backside middle of the white cardstock, in black ink.

4. Apply double-sided tape to the again of the white cardstock and cling to the entrance of the pink card, centering it facet to facet and place it 1⁄2″ (1cm) from the highest of the cardboard.

Handmade Design, textual content and images from www.artistsnetwork.com