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Salvador Dali Quiz

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A selection of the best facts about Salvador Dali

Fact 1 [Salvador Dali Quiz]

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In Spanish, “Salvador” translates as “savior. He had an older brother who died of meningitis several years before the future artist was born. Salvador’s parents found solace in his birth, telling him that he was the reincarnation of his older brother.

Fact 2 [Salvador Dali Quiz]

Salvador Dali Quiz

Dali was sentenced to a short term in prison. He was arrested by civil guardsmen, but since the investigation found no reason to keep him long in prison, Salvador was released.

Fact 3 [Salvador Dali Quiz]

Salvador Dali Quiz

When entering the Academy of Fine Arts, Salvador had to pass a painting exam. The exam required six days, during which time Dali had to make a full-size drawing of an antique model. Three days before the exam, the examiner noted that his drawing was too small and he would not enter the academy. He erased the drawing and on the last day of the exam presented a new perfect version of the model, which was even smaller than the first drawing. But despite no rules violations, the jury accepted his work.

Fact 4 [Salvador Dali Quiz]

Salvador Dali Quiz

After Salvador turned 7 and started going to school, his father had to drag him to school by force. But that was not all. He made such a scandal that all the vendors scattered to the sides. And in the early years of learning little Dali did not know anything – he forgot even the alphabet. As he thought, it was taught to him by Mr. Triter in his biography “The Secret Life of Salvador Dali”, told by himself.

Fact 5

Salvador Dali Quiz

Art dealers are concerned about the last works of Salvador DalĂ­ because of the belief that the artist signed blank canvases and blank sheets of paper while he was alive.

Fact 6

Salvador Dali Quiz

Salvador was so terrified of grasshoppers that it sometimes caused him to have a nervous breakdown. As a child, this was often taken advantage of by his classmates. “If I was standing on the edge of a precipice and a grasshopper fell on my face, I would rather die than endure its touch. This mystery is still a mystery to me.

Fact 7

Salvador Dali Quiz

In 1968, Dali bought for his wife Gala a castle in the village of Pubol, where she had lived since 1971 apart from her husband. Salvador visited his wife at the chateau only with her written permission.

Fact 8

Salvador Dali Quiz

In 1989, Salvador Dali died of heart failure at the age of 84. At present, the embalmed body of the artist is in the crypt under the dome of the Dali Theater-Museum in Figueres.