Should I add water/watercolour to my watercolour pencil sketch?

  • Jul 23.

This is the question that I’m asking myself a lot lately!

Watercolour Pencils are such a great tool for quick sketches as you can decide whether to use them dry or activate them with water or watercolour (my preference). This double-page spread shows both options.

A few comments on these pages:

Chantal and I had a lovely tapas lunch to celebrate the completion of the Teacups course. I only managed very quick loose ink lines at the time and shortly afterwards added some quick WCP with the intention of adding watercolour later that night. But I didn’t get time for that and decided that I liked the page the way it was.
A little while ago I posted some sketches of a few fishing villages in Scotland. I wasn’t sure of the names of the places so I asked for help. A few people suggested Culross so I looked it up on Google Street View and then did a simple drawing of one of the scenes. I added WCP and then watercolour paint over the top.
I don’t have a full set of the Albrecht Durer watercolour pencils but I do have a full set of Polychromos (thanks to Faber Castell Australia). So I did some Polychromos swatches to see if there are any important colours I’m missing!

As I’m now using a different sketchbook it is unlikely that I’ll touch the above food sketch but I’d like to hear from you – do you think I should add watercolour to this sketch or leave it as it is?

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