Easy Paper Crafts [11 Easy Diy For You ]


On this lesson, you will learn to make do-it-yourself Paper Crafts. Folding paper crafts is a kind of handbook labor, when on account of folding with out the usage of binding supplies from a sheet of paper is made a sure factor – a product. By folding the paper could make quite a lot of home goods, toys and instructing aids.

Simple Paper Crafts

Of those, to begin with we should always word the assorted self-made objects utilized in on a regular basis life, as, for instance: a pocket book, a handbook for counting, a body for an image, a basket, a bag, a field, a cup, a hat, a lamp shade, and so forth. Subsequent comes a lot of do-it-yourself mild toys that kids love very a lot, specifically: parachute, clapper, boats, toy furnishings, steamer, glider returning, harmonica, and so forth.

High Paper Crafts

Top Simple Paper Crafts

Total Time: 30 minutes

Quadrangle clapper [Simple Paper Crafts]

Simple Paper Crafts

A firecracker is made from an oblong or square piece of paper. Paper from a scribbled notebook is good for this purpose.u003cbru003eThe figure shows how to make a quadrilateral clapper. A sheet of paper is bent in half lengthwise. Then the edges of the sheet to the middle of the bend bend. The resulting craftsman folds across in half. Taking his hand any two converging corners, you need to forcefully make a brush brush stroke from top to bottom. A noisy u0022popu0022 sound is heard.

Sustainable inscription [Simple Paper Crafts]

Simple Paper Crafts

When organizing various exhibitions, when exhibits are arranged on tables or special stands, you can prepare by folding rectangular sheets of paper stable labels for inscriptions. To make such a handicraft, you need a sheet of heavy paper approximately 16×12 cm in size. The sheet is folded lengthwise in half. Isosceles triangles are bent from the central line of the double sheet (Fig. 8, a). Along the line of the bend these triangles bend inward and carefully ironed (Fig. 8, 6). On the front part of the resulting craftwork, which has the shape of the slope of the roof, the desired inscription is made.

Wall envelope bag [Simple Paper Crafts]

Simple Paper Crafts

For model storage of various items, students can make themselves a rectangular purse in the likeness of an envelope. A deeper and narrower purse comes out of a sheet of thick rectangular paper, and a shallower and wider one comes out of a square sheet. Paper is bent in half lengthwise. The two top corners are bent to this midline (Fig. 9, a). Then in the same direction (inwards) bend the left and right edges of the sheet. The edges are joined together at the midline (Fig. 9, 6). The bottom edge of the sheet is creased by 2 cm and then tucked in over the sides (Figure 9, c). The sides of the envelope is given a triangular shape, the handcraft is smoothed along the lines of folds. The front side of the envelope is decorated with a pattern. The decorated envelope is attached to the wall in the children’s corner.

Paper Swan [Simple Paper Crafts]

Simple Paper Crafts

To make a swan, you need a square of white paper. The square is folded in quarters (like a handkerchief). From the top to the opposite corner this square is folded diagonally. From the same top to the diagonal line bend two sides of the square (Fig. 12, a). Double sides once again bend on the diagonal (Fig. 12, 6). The resulting piece is bent diagonally in half in the opposite direction. The sharp end of the piece (most of it) is turned inside out for a swan neck (Fig. 12, c); its top is turned inside out for a swan beak (Fig. 12, d). The only thing left is the decoration of the handicraft. The tip of the beak is pinched off. The beak is flattened and painted red (closer to the tip) and yellow (in the middle and at the base). Arcs covering the body of the swan, symmetrically cut out on both sides.

Wallet with two compartments [Simple Paper Crafts]

Simple Paper Crafts

When organizing various creative games junior high school students sometimes need a purse. To make this craft takes a rectangular piece of clean and dense colored – packing paper – 52×30 cm in size. A sheet of paper is first of all bent on the back side lengthwise and crosswise in half, and the corners of both ends of the sheet are equally bent to the middle notch (Fig. 13, a). The right angles of the resulting hexagon are equally bent, so that their tops covered the tops of the previously bent corners (Fig. 13, 6). Along the lines of the fold it is necessary to firmly draw a finger. Then the same sides of the hexagon bend to the transverse middle fold (Fig. 13, c). Then the ends of the resulting rectangle are bent along the outermost dotted lines on the opposite side up to the transverse fold in the middle. The resulting rectangle with a slit in the middle is again bent across in half (Fig. 13 d) A purse with two compartments is obtained (Fig. 13, e). From one compartment of the purse carefully take out the triangular flap (fig. 13, f) and put it into the slit (fig. 13, g). This slit can be omitted, and a craft with a bent triangular flap can be used.

Triangular Clapper [Simple Paper Crafts]

Simple Paper Crafts

A triangular clapper can be made of two types: one sounding and two sounding. The most suitable paper for making a clapper is a scribbled sheet from a notebook (preferably a double sheet). A one-sound cracker is folded in the following way. The sheet of paper is bent lengthwise and crossed in half; all corners are bent to a longitudinal fold (Fig. 14, a). The resulting hexagon is bent in half lengthwise, so that the bent corners are in the middle (Fig. 14, 6). We obtain a trapezium. Both acute angles of this trapezoid are bent so that their sides touch at the longitudinal fold (Fig. 14, c). After that the piece is inverted and bent along the longitudinal fold with equal side to the middle (fig. 14, d). Folded clapper should be taken by the protruding corners and strongly clap it down, not letting go of the hand. A u0022clapu0022 sound is heard. When folding a clapper making two sounds, a sheet with bent corners is not bent along, and across in half, with bent corners to the middle (Fig. 14, e). Two right angles of the piece are bent so that their sides touch the longitudinal bend (Fig. 14, f), and then they are bent again. The bent corners are opened, folded in the middle and closed again (Fig. 14, g). The resulting square is bent along the longitudinal bend (Fig. 14, h). Playing the clapper develops the muscles of the hands.

Picture frame and blotter [Simple Paper Crafts]

Simple Paper Crafts

Pictures hanging on the wall or placed on the table make a child’s room cozy. However, children often have to give it up because they don’t have picture frames. But such frames can easily be made by children themselves. All they need is thick paper of the appropriate color. When making frames, first cut out a rectangular piece of paper of the desired size. To do this, the picture is placed on the paper and a box with a width of 2-3 cm is outlined with a dotted line around it. The resulting rectangle with the field is cut out, and a frame is formed from it. First of all all the corners of the rectangle are bent on the wrong side of paper so that their tops touch the corners of the picture (Fig. 15, a). After that, the corners to the middle of the bend longitudinal edges of the product (Fig. 15, 6). Corners are laid inside. Then along the dotted line longitudinal edges are bent in the opposite direction. All the folds are hand-ironed (Fig. 15, c). Insert a picture in the resulting corner triangles. Upon making the frame it is necessary to attach a stand (stand) to the back side to set the frame on the table. To do this, cut out of cardboard a rectangle equal in size to a picture in which a stand is notched (Fig. 15, d), which is laid behind the back of the frame. If the picture is hung on the wall, a loop is attached to the back of the frame. In exactly the same way as the frame, a blotter is made for which a fairly large sheet of paper is needed. In this case, instead of a picture, blotting paper is put into it.

Packaging for books and boxes [Simple Paper Crafts]

Simple Paper Crafts

There are two ways to pack rectangular shaped books and boxes. In the first method, the entire package is held together with a triangle inside. This method of wrapping is suitable for books of medium thickness and thin boxes.Take wrapping paper of 3-4 times the size of the thing to be wrapped. The book or box is placed in the center of a sheet of paper. The transverse edges are laid on top of one another or double-wrapped as a fold (Fig. 16, a). One side of the protruding edge is laid inside. Now outside is a trapeze, which bend along the contour of the object and also put inside (Fig. 16 6).When sending a book or box by mail it is necessary to still cross tie with twine and inscribe an address. The second method of wrapping is for thick books and boxes.A thick book or box is just as laid across in the middle of a sheet of wrapping paper. The box is then wrapped with one end of the sheet and then the other (Fig. 17, a). It remains to seal the ends of the package (Fig. 17, 6). The last bent end, which has the form of a triangle, is glued or attached with twine (Fig. 17, c).

Box with double sides [Simple Paper Crafts]

Simple Paper Crafts

The double-sided box is folded from a sheet of heavy rectangular paper. The shape of the box depends on the length to width ratio of the paper sheet. Square boxes are made from a sheet of paper that is one and a half times as long as the width when the sheet is folded across. Boxes for pens are made from a sheet of paper 12×10 cm in size. Pencil case is made from a sheet of paper 23×15 cm by inflecting it lengthwise. To store pencils, pens, stacks for modeling, each student needs a pencil case. The pencil case can be made from thick paper by making it accordingly. To make a pencil case you first have to divide a sheet of thick paper into six equal parts. The sheet is to be folded as shown in Figure 20, a and 6 with the middle line in the middle. The top will be single pieces and the bottom four other pieces folded in half. The four corners of the single upper strips are bent inwards to the centre line. Then inward to the same line bend the four bottom double corners (Fig. 20, c). Obtained elongated (in this case) hexagon with a slit in the middle (Fig. 20, d). A total of 6 corners are bent in this way: 4 single and 4 double. The gap is carefully inserted fingers, pull apart the sides of the box and progladlivaetsya angles. Obtained box, pencil case (Fig. 20, e). The lid of the pencil case is made in the same way. For this requires a sheet of the same paper size 21 x 10.5 cm. The lid can be decorated (Fig. 20, f).

Paper Helmet [Simple Paper Crafts]

Simple Paper Crafts

The helmet is often used by children in creative games. Wearing the helmet, the children u0022turnu0022 into firemen, painters or other workers who need head protection in their work. To make the helmet, a sheet of newspaper is taken and folded crosswise in half. The resulting double rectangle is slightly bent as shown by the dotted line in Figure 23, a. Two corners are bent to this line, one on one side and the other on the other side (Figure 23, 6). Protruding after bending the corners of the sheet ends bifurcate and also bend in different – opposite – sides (Fig. 23, c). Protruding corners of the bends tuck. Pulling apart the handicraft from the inside, we get a simple helmet. If one end of the helmet is moved apart, turned out and folded backwards, we get an improved helmet with a hard forehead and an elongated back part protecting the neck (Fig. 23, d). At children’s parties, at student self-activities, it is sometimes necessary to increase the height of some participants (performers). For this purpose a so-called Persian five-pointed hat is suitable. It is made from a simple helmet, folded from a double sheet (from a whole newspaper). One end of the simple helmet is bent to one side, the other end to the other, and the tips of the bends are stuck in the slits (Fig. 23, e). The width of five-pointed hats is set according to the circumference of the head.

Cube cap [Simple Paper Crafts]

Simple Paper Crafts

The cube hat is made from a double sheet of newspaper. It should be folded in the same way as a goblet, with the difference that the bent corners 1 and 2 are bent to the middle notch. Then the hat is folded in the same way as a goblet, resulting in a high pointed hat (Fig. 34, a). In order to turn a pointed hat into a cubic hat, it is necessary to bend it as shown by the dotted line in Figure 34, a. The hat is bent in half lengthwise and the top of the hat is bent in half as well. The hat is then opened. By proglagging all the ribs of the handicraft cube is formed Thus turns out a cubic hat with a sharp top (Fig. 34, 6). This top can be bent to the top of the hat and attached to it a brush made of paper strips (Fig. 34, c).

Video lesson. Roses from newspaper. [Simple Paper Crafts]

Strive making this lovely rose out of plain newsprint.


For profitable instructing of folding paper crafts it’s essential to focus totally on its accessibility to kids of various ages. Ranging from preschool age kids can be taught the folding of easy crafts. Making kids paper crafts might be distributed on a scale of complexity: from the best issues – a ebook – to essentially the most advanced toys described on this ebook. Youngsters’s capability to make paper crafts is determined by the event of their palms, specifically the bones of the hand and wrist, the diploma of finger management and coordination of hand actions, in addition to the extent of psychological growth of youngsters.