Women Artists Earn 10 Times Less than Men

The British newspaper The Guardian published the results of a study conducted by Helen Gorrill, author of “Women Can’t Paint. She studied the details of transactions from 5,000 paintings and found that for every pound a male artist earns, a woman earns only 10 pence.

Gorill supports her conclusion that today women in art earn 10 times less than men by the fact that to date the absolute auction record of $450 million belongs to a man (Leonardo da Vinci’s Savior of the World), while the price of the most expensive female work is $44.4 million (Dormouse (White Flower No. 1) Georgia O’Keeffe). For living authors, these figures are $91 million (Jeff Koons) and $12.5 million (Jenny Saville).

According to the researcher, this situation is largely due to the sexist biases still prevalent in the art world. In 2015, for example, in an interview with The Guardian, the famous German artist Georg Baselitz suggested that “women are not very good at drawing. He seems to be shared by the general public. Oxford University professor Renee Adams conducted the following experiment: she showed a painting created by artificial intelligence to a group of collectors. If the participants of the experiment were told that the work was created by a man, they were inclined to say that they liked it better.

Source: theguardian.com