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Andrew Warhol QUIZ

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20 amazing facts about Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol Quiz

Fact 1 [Andy Warhol Quiz]

Like many other avant-garde artists, Warhol was a fierce Catholic. In the last years of his life he regularly attended church, but he did not advertise it to his friends.

Fact 2

There was a whole cult of food in Andy’s life: he could only eat alone and was annoyed that anyone was watching him. His plan was to open a restaurant for people to go out together. But other than that, Warhol always left something on his plate, not even finishing in the middle.

Fact 3 [Andy Warhol Quiz]

The beautiful image that the artist created in his work is a kind of hello from his childhood. Coming into the street at the age of 12, Warhol put on an old man’s wig and was amused by the fact that he “kept his age well intact.”

Fact 4

At the age of 29, Warhol had a nose job, which he had hated since childhood, thinking it was too big.

Andy Warhol Quiz

Fact 5

Andy was a big shopper: from groceries, dishes and housewares to wigs and underwear. He had to buy baskets full of merchandise every day.

Fact 6

And Andy had a large collection of stuffed animals, from a stuffed lion to a penguin.

Fact 7

And Warhol had a nickname, “Drella,” from a combination of Dracula and Cinderello.

Fact 8 [Andy Warhol Quiz]

Warhol’s main companion was always and everywhere a tape recorder, which he could turn on at any moment. His play “Pork” was written entirely on dictaphone recordings. – My typewriter is my wife,” Andy said.

Fact 9 [Andy Warhol Quiz]

Andy assembled a “memory capsule” of plastic boxes and envelopes with checks, letters or drawings. About 600 of these boxes were found after his death.

Andy Warhol Quiz

Fact 10 [Andy Warhol Quiz]

It was Levi’s jeans, which he advertised on every corner, that were for him the most comfortable and comfortable kind of clothing. However, according to Warhol, jeans have a special charm due to the careless shabbiness that has been obtained over time.

Fact 11

Warhol published a cookbook in 1959 called Wild Strawberries, inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s film. Later his books Cats, Cats, Cats, Cats, Shoes, Shoes, Love, Love, Love were published.

Fact 12 [Andy Warhol Quiz]

When asked why Campbell’s cans of soup became the focal point of his paintings, Warhol replied, “I’ve been eating this soup for thousands of years. Every week I ate this soup every day for lunch. Every time, for twenty years, it was the same soup over and over again. Someone I knew said something about being a prisoner of this soup, and I loved it.

Fact 13

The iconic 1960s-1970s alternative rock band Velvet Underground was Warhol’s production brainchild. In his mind, he came up with many of the whiplash chips and S&M aesthetics that raised interest in the band.

Fact 14 [Andy Warhol Quiz]

But he was very modest and shy about life. Even when hanging out at the legendary Studio 54 club of those years, he preferred to hide from everyone in a corner with a group of close friends and have conversations about life. He was also very sincere and naive. That time he said to his friend, “Do you see how popular I am? I don’t see it, do you see it? I’m sitting next to Sting and Elton John. But I can’t believe it!

Andy Warhol Quiz

Fact 15 [Andy Warhol Quiz]

Warhol himself called himself a “mama’s boy.” And his mother, who was an accomplished artist and meant a lot in his life, helped him in his art. Her work was often involved in creating paintings and signing them for Andy. For 20 years, Warhol lived in an apartment in Manhattan with his mother. There is no known record of his personal relationship with anyone.

Fact 16

Andy Warhol stated that anyone can become famous for fifteen minutes.

Fact 17 [Andy Warhol Quiz]

The artist also has a painting called “Map of the USSR,” which was created in 1984-1986. This section shows the locations of SS 11 and SS 20 missiles (the same map shows the territory of China). And in 1986 the artist Warhol painted a portrait of Lenin.
16, 18. In the late 1980s, Warhol and his friends bought 2,000 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne. After Warhol’s death, the bottles disappeared.

Fact 18

In the late 1980s, Warhol and his friends bought 2,000 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne. After Warhol’s death, the bottles disappeared.

Fact 19

The Andy Warhol Museum, located in Pittsburgh, contains about 8,000 works by the artist from his collection. Officially, it is the largest museum in the United States dedicated to an art figure.
And after the artist’s death, all of his diary entries were published.

andrew warhol quiz

Fact 20

He was very meticulous about recording all of his daily events, down to the smallest detail, like taking a cab or spending on a tip. He had faith that all of these things would someday be read.

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